Goodbye, Leica.

It was a month ago we parted ways. It was one of the most difficult decisions we’ve had to make and your presence is sorely missed.

Leica the Dog

Your separation anxiety had become too much. It is easy to say the problem was the increasing cost of dealing with it and the money in the thousands of dollars is something that many people accept as valid reason, but it would not have been reason enough. You were family and there’s not a price tag on that. It came down to the increasing intensity of your anxiety and the stress it caused for all of us. You were an excellent dog when we were home, but when we were gone you would go absolutely crazy. On that last day, you broke out of your 3rd cage and clawed through a door.

Wrinkled Cheeks

We had tried so many different ways to help you, but in hindsight it seems that the evolution of our relationship is how it came about. When we first got you, my wife was home with you full time. When she returned to work, we did not do what we needed to help you with that transition of being at home alone all day.

At the Dog Park

You were such an excellent dog and we were so proud to have you with us. You had an odd appearance that caused everyone to ask us what type you were. Shar-Pei/Chow-Chow mix. At the dog park you were incredibly athletic. You spent most of the time sprinting at top speed from one end of the park to the other. During the first year at home you would try to break free every time there was an open gate, but after that it almost got to the point where we could leave the gate open or let you roam free. You were so great with the kids. They’d force you to move around or dress you up and you’d just take it without any fuss. Plus you didn’t even bark unless it was really necessary.


There have been so many moments in the past month that I’ve thought about you. Of course there’s the street where we would walk you every morning and night. We ended up turning into a crime-watch team catching people stealing Christmas trees or vandalizing factory buildings. I’m reminded when I come home late from work and you’re not barking at the top of your lungs from the other end of the house that there is an intruder. At night, I’m not battling you for space for my legs on the bed. Though resting on the couch, you’re not there to rest your head on my legs. Even when I’m breaking up lettuce for a salad, I think of you. You loved getting pieces of the stalks. Now when I go for a run, I don’t have you pulling me like a sled dog for that first block. Even when we went to the fireworks last night, you’re regular attendance was missed.

We are incredibly sad that we could not find a solution to your anxiety. You are deeply missed.


~ by Frank on July 1, 2012.

6 Responses to “Goodbye, Leica.”

  1. It is so sad you had to give up the dog. Like people, some pets just need more time and attention than you can give.

  2. Such a bummer.

  3. H-Family, So sorry to hear the news. I remember saying goodbye for the last time to Athena, our German Shepard. It seems sometimes as hard (or harder) to say goodbye to a pet as it does a friend or family member – living or otherwise. ….and yes, odd memories (such as the lettuce) have a friendly haunt about them. Take care – time will heal.

  4. It’s a decission I would reverse any time…
    But, Frank is rigth, we couldn’t go on like this, and I feel that we try our best.
    I miss you, Leica!

  5. So sad news from your place! kiss from Paris
    Elsa and Greg

  6. Thanks, everyone. It has now been 6 months. We still miss her and are reminded of her often. Though we’ve finally started getting around to repairing all the damage she had done.

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