No Butts

Unlike many others, I am not passionate one way or the other regarding smoking. I am not a smoker and only occasionally tried it while I was in grad school. Also I like an occasional whiff of second-hand smoke, though I can get annoyed when obliged to walk through a wall of it leaving a building. Back when there was the topic of banning it in bars, I sided with the rights of the smokers. While I agree that no one should be forced to be in a smoke filled environment, I felt the market for non-smoke filled environments would create smoke-free bars. That said, I enjoy the smoke-free environment. It’s nice not to come home from a night out with my clothes reeking of smoke. And I understand the argument that we all pay for the damage that smoking does to people’s bodies, but the same can be said about sugar and refined flour.

But despite my relative acceptance of smoking, there is one thing that really gets under my skin about the smoking culture. It is the practice of tossing the cigarette butts to the ground and leaving them there. Society has come a long way in regards to putting trash in garbage cans. But walk along any city street and you will see cigarette butts on the ground. I even see people pushing them out their car windows while driving down the street. While I understand that it is part of smoking culture. I don’t expect people to carry around little ash trays in their pockets, but all too often the ash trays right there like the people in the cars.


So if you see me giving you the evil eye after tossing a cigarette into the street, you’ll know why.


~ by Frank on March 2, 2012.

5 Responses to “No Butts”

  1. Ever since I quit smoking ages ago, I’ve become fairly intolerant of it. But I do wonder if the reason there are so many butts on the ground these days is that there is no where left to smoke. Somewhere along the way, the default place to smoke is outside. People don’t even seem to smoke in their own homes. My neighbour across the courtyard smokes on his back patio, leaving his butts in a huge pile on his table. It’s gross. But I imagine that sooner or later, the smokers left will dwindle down such a small number that butts on the ground won’t be such an issue.

  2. Wow…commenting late at night doesn’t lend itself to clarity, does it? Anyway my point was that everyone smokes outside now so there are a ton of butts on the ground. And with everyone quitting, eventually it won’t be an issue.

  3. That’s good point that it is due to smokers being driven outdoors. But I still think it’s part of the culture that has always been there. Even places that have ashtrays still have a high number of butts on the ground nearby.

  4. I agree that people shouldn’t have to carry ashtrays around but a simple film canister would work just fine.

  5. I think a new product line could be created to take care of something like this. Or even better a creative reuse as you have pointed out.

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