Resolutions – Flexibility

As with many, at the beginning of the year, I made some resolutions. This is the year that I turn 40 years old. While at the time it was not a case feeling old or fear of growing old, I’ve felt that certain aspects of my youth and life have been slipping. Plus the last year or two have not been good for me for a variety of reasons. So in general my resolutions have been to improve myself and regain control over things.

One of the aspects of myself that I wanted to improve was my flexibility. From my early teens until my early 30’s I would run fairly regularly. While I was running, I would stretch my legs religiously (same order and duration) every time before and after each run. I never really became very flexible, but it did keep me from becoming inflexible. As proof, since I stopped running, my flexibility in my legs has greatly diminished. But my resolution did not stop with just my legs. I also noticed that other parts of me like my neck was inflexible for something as simple as doing a shoulder check changing lanes. In general though, I’ve always been fairly inflexible. Crossing my legs and sitting on the ground has/had it’s difficulties.

Made of Rubber

So I figured that this year I would do something about this and see where it would take me. I started doing my regular leg stretches early in the year and after a while started seeing some results. Then in March while I was in Chicago, I found a book detailing stretching techniques for all parts of the body. Not only did the book explain the stretches, but it also explained the muscles stretched. I had always been interested in learning about our musculature and this book not only explained it, but also provided cause and effect movements that helped give a feeling of where muscles are in the body and what they do. For a few months I would do the stretches regularly. I saw some progress. Shoulder checks and tying my shoes became much easier. But over the last month or two my dedication to stretching waned except for those I could perform while seated in meetings (hands and forearms).

Since we recently passed the halfway mark for this year, it is a good time to renew my dedication to a stretching regime and see where it takes me by years end. Next week I have the week off (by myself for the first time since college) and I’m hoping a daily regime will jump start my stretching. I hope to give an update by year’s end.


~ by Frank on July 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Resolutions – Flexibility”

  1. Sounds like a great resolution. I read somewhere, long time ago, that we need to respect our bodies….treat them like the temples they are. Sometimes it takes age or certain things in life to remind us of this! I have tried to stay felxible with yoga. Helps the mind too, which I need! 🙂

    Have a great week off!

  2. […] mentioned in a previous post, I made a handful of resolutions at the beginning of the year geared toward making myself better. […]

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