Face Down Tuesdays

Back in 2009, life got quite busy at home so my free time diminished. I had been trying to post a photo a day on Flickr and it became apparent that I would not have the time to sort through old photos, process them, and post them onto my photostream. As most of you probably know, Flickr can be as much a social website as much as a photo-sharing site. While my time on Flickr started to wane, a few of my Flickr friends decided to participate in 365 projects. The 365 projects entail posting a picture from each day. Sometimes it is pictures of yourself, sometimes it’s a picture of something from your day. The narcissists lean more toward the former, but many use it as a reason to force yourself to take a picture a day. I did it once and stopped since I wanted to use it as a way to try different artistic styles, and I did not have the time to devote to that endeavor. But this time my goal was more to take quick pictures and have something easy to post every day. I progressed through this second go-around for just over a month, but eventually it took more time than I thought and my available time kept getting shorter.

A while before I had started this second time with 365, a Flickr friend had been participating in a group called Face Down Tuesdays. The group rules called for you to take or have someone else take a picture of you face down somewhere. I found them funny for the simplicity and the bizarreness of seeing someone face down in odd places. One of my friends attempts included a photo of her face down in Times Square. Another odd thing is that almost all the time people passing by pay no special attention to this person laying on the street. As my days with 365 wore down, I decided I would give it a try. But of course I wanted to try it somewhere special and daring. Not just on my living room floor.

So one day during lunch I made up my mind I would climb up to the Belvedere on Mont Royal and take my picture up there. The problem was that it was drizzling. But since my mind was made up, I went to the pharmacy and bought something small so they would give me a small plastic bag. When I got up to the Belvedere I was lucky since almost no one was there. I wrapped the camera in the plastic bag, planted it on the tripod, and did 9 shots repeatedly laying face down on the wet pavement to get it just right. My frontside was completely soaked for the rest of the afternoon, but I got the shot. I did have someone look over my way and wonder what I was doing, but they soon lost interest and walked away.


A few weeks later I tried it again up on Mont Royal. It was a bit away from any passersby and again I didn’t attract any attention.

I Love Autumn

Then a couple months ago as I was returning from Chicago, I found myself at the airport with a couple hours to spare. So I decided to return to the site of a photo I had taken before and attempt another Face Down Tuesday. I was worried that it might be risky given the paranoia at airports over people doing things out of the ordinary. And I did actually have a security personnel come over and look at the camera sitting on the floor unattended (I was 15 ft away setting it off with a remote). Again I waited until there was really no one nearby then squeezed off the shot.

Terminal Face Down Tuesday

They are fun shots both to look at and to take since it is exhilarating taking yourself out of your comfort zone and look silly in public. If I ever get more time to shoot or find myself in the right situation, I may take others. But lately my free time has been in short supply.


~ by Frank on May 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “Face Down Tuesdays”

  1. I love those face down shots! I think my favorite is the one at the chalet, but they’re ll awesome. 🙂

  2. Thanks. I realized after I posted it that I had written a very similar a couple years back. It’s funny because it all seemed so familiar when I was writing it (again).

  3. This looks like fun. I like the first one best. Usually that spot is crawling with people. I thought I had seen this idea before, and then realized it was you. Ah aging, aint it grand?

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