Championship Satiation – American Football

American Football is the last sport in this series on the most deserving teams. The playoffs begin on Saturday with Atlanta, New England, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Seattle, Kansas City, New Orleans, Baltimore, Green Bay, and the New York Jets continuing their seasons. One of the points that is more interesting about the football season than baseball is that it is more compact. There are only 17 weeks to the regular season and almost all of the games are played during a 7 hour window each Sunday. It is not drawn out over half the year. Though every sport is trying to stretch out their schedule in order to be seen and generate more revenue.

While I am a Bears fan, there is less of a die-hard element than with the Cubs for me. Not that I’d ever pass up a game (since there are only 16 as opposed to 162), but in my lifetime (1985) they have already won the championship. The Cubs have come close to making it to the World Series, but still haven’t made it. So it will be all the more fulfilling when they do win it.

If you have not read it first, here is the original post in the series which describes how I came about determining a ‘satiation’ factor for each team and each city. Since this study only goes back 30 years, there are multiple teams which have not won a championship in that span of time. So the cumulative ‘satiation’ factor for each city is factored into the one for each sports team. This takes into account if a fan may be satiated by championships in the same city by other sports.

There are currently 32 professional football teams in NFL. There is only one city (Los Angeles) which has had teams, lost them, and currently does not have a team. So the top five teams which are most deserving are:
1 – Seattle (0.00)(30 seasons)(no championship)
2 – Buffalo (0.00)(30 seasons)(no championship)
3 – Kansas City (0.03)(30 seasons)(no championship)
4 – Cleveland (0.05)(27 seasons)(no championship)
5 – Atlanta (0.07)(30 seasons)(no championship)

The top five least deserving teams are:
32 – Pittsburgh (5.02)(30 seasons)(’09, ’06, ’99, ’98, ’96)
31 – New England (3.83)(30 seasons)(’05, ’04, ’02)
30 – NY Giants (3.05)(30 seasons)(’08, ’91, ’87)
29 – New Orleans (2.68)(30 seasons)(’10)
28 – Indianapolis (2.53)(26 seasons)(’07)

And the rest of the teams:
6 – Minnesota (0.09)(30 seasons)(no championship)
7 – Cincinnati (0.09)(30 seasons)(no championship)
8 – San Diego (0.17)(30 seasons)(no championship)
9 – Jacksonville (0.20)(15 seasons)(no championship)
10 – Carolina (0.21)(15 seasons)(no championship)
11 – Houston/Texas (0.22)(25 seasons)(no championship)
12 – Arizona (0.23)(22 seasons)(no championship)
13 – Philadelphia (0.28)(30 seasons)(no championship)
14 – Tennessee (0.33)(13 seasons)(no championship)
15 – Miami (0.47)(30 seasons)(no championship)
16 – Green Bay (0.49)(30 seasons)(’97)
17 – NY Jets (0.56)(30 seasons)(no championship)
18 – Detroit (0.62)(30 seasons)(no championship)
19 – Chicago (0.80)(30 seasons)(’85)
20 – Oakland (0.58)(17 seasons)(’81)
21 – Washington (0.86)(30 seasons)(’92, ’88, ’83)
22 – St Louis (1.05)(23 seasons)(’00)
23 – Denver (1.17)(30 seasons)(’99, ’98)
24 – Tampa Bay (1.29)(30 seasons)(’03)
25 – San Francisco (1.18)(30 seasons)(’95, ’90, ’89, ’85, ’82)
26 – Dallas (1.42)(30 seasons)(’96, ’94, ’93)
27 – Baltimore (1.54)(17 seasons)(’01)

One thing of note is that New Orleans was the most deserving team going into last season. But of course they won the Super Bowl so now they find themselves at 29 out of 32. And similar to basketball, you have a handful of teams which have won all the championships. Six teams have collectively won 22 of the past 30 championships. So more than half the teams have gone 30 years without a championship.


~ by Frank on January 3, 2011.

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