Championship Satiation – Canadian Football

Canadian Football is the fourth sport in this series on the most deserving teams. The Grey Cup is next weekend with Montreal playing Saskatchewan. Canadian Football in this analysis is a bit odd since there are only 8 teams and it seems the same teams keep winning. But for the sake of covering the long standing North American sports, I am including it.

If you have not read it first, here is the original post in the series which describes how I came about determining a ‘satiation’ factor for each team and each city.

While there was a brief stint where Canadian Football tried to expand into the US, it was so brief that I did not include those teams. They did not exist themselves long enough to establish a loyal fanbase. So the teams in order of most to least deserving are:

1 – Hamilton (0.22)(30 seasons)(’99, ’86)
2 – Winnipeg (0.34)(30 seasons)(’90, ’88, ’84)
3 – Saskatchewan (0.79)(30 seasons)(’07, ’89)
4 – Toronto (0.89)(30 seasons)(’04, ’97, ’96, ’91, ’83)
5 – Montreal (1.24)(21 seasons)(’09, ’02)
6 – British Colombia (1.27)(30 seasons)(’06, ’00, ’94, ’85)
7 – Edmonton (1.91)(30 seasons)(’05, ’03, ’93, ’87, ’82, ’81, ’80)
8 – Calgary (2.16)(30 seasons)(’08, ’01, ’98, ’92)

As you can see, all but one team has won in the last 11 years. Which on one hand can make a championship less rare, but your team does get a chance to go all the way more often.


~ by Frank on November 22, 2010.

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