Getting Married – Deciding the Date (part 1 of 4)

It was ten years ago this summer that my then fiancée and I finally decided to get married. You see, we had been engaged for quite a long time. As with most events in our lives together, getting engaged was largely determined by feeling and timing. The same applies to our wedding.

We were engaged in August of 1995. I had finished my studies in May of that year, but Nathalie still had about a year of studies remaining in Versailles. So I decided that after gathering up some money with a summer job that I would join her in Versailles and help her with models and drawings for her thesis. But before starting the big push we decided to take a trip to Venice and the Greek Islands. It was on the island of Santorini during sunset that I proposed to her and she accepted.

In subsequent years we were too caught up with beginning our careers (and trying to save some money) to think of planning a wedding. Then in June of 2000 I was asked by office to travel to England to learn a computer program for a couple weeks. While I was over there, my father graciously kept my fiancée company and took her to a Cubs game and on another night to a sushi bar. During their time together he asked when we were planning on getting married. It had been 5 years since we got engaged and we were pretty well established at this point. So when Nathalie and I talked that evening, we decided “sure, why not.” I can’t remember if we had talked about possible dates (like which month), but we did say we would do it in Montreal and that we would talk about it more when I returned.

When I returned from the trip, Nathalie already had the date and time chosen. Just for fun she had called the Cathedrale Notre Dame in Montreal to see if they had any openings in the month of October (our favorite month and the month when we met). They had one time slot open in the whole month of October and she immediately reserved it.

Over the next month we tried organizing the wedding from 850 miles away with the help of Nathalie’s mother, but finding a place for the reception was very difficult since we have very different tastes than her mother and she knew she would not be able to guess our tastes. So it was time for a trip to Montreal to organize the wedding.


~ by Frank on September 1, 2010.

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