Championship Satiation – Baseball

Baseball is the third sport in this series on the most deserving teams. The season is winding down so there are only a few teams left who don’t know if they will make the playoffs or not. In truth, this was the sport and the team (the Cubs) which generated the idea of seeing which team and city deserve to win the championship. Yes, the Cubs have gone the longest without winning the World Series, but what happens when you factor in other sports.

If you have not read it first, here is the original post in the series which describes how I came about determining a ‘satiation’ factor for each team and each city. Since this study only goes back 30 years, there are multiple teams which have not won a championship in that span of time. So the cumulative ‘satiation’ factor for each city is factored into the one for each sports team. This takes into account if a fan may be satiated by championships in the same city by other sports.

There are currently 30 professional baseball teams in MLB. There is only one city (Montreal) which has lost a team and currently does not have a team. So the top five teams which are most deserving are:
1 – Seattle (0.00)(30 seasons)(no championship)
2 – Cleveland (0.01)(30 seasons)(no championship)
3 – Milwaukee (0.07)(30 seasons)(no championship)
4 – San Diego (0.17)(30 seasons)(no championship)
5 – San Francisco (0.17)(30 seasons)(no championship)

The top five least deserving teams are:
30 – NY Yankees (4.73)(30 seasons)(’09,’00,’99,’98,’96)
29 – Boston (3.90)(30 seasons)(’07,’04)
28 – Chicago White Sox (2.59)(30 seasons)(’05)
27 – St Louis (2.54)(30 seasons)(’06,’82)
26 – Philadelphia (2.37)(30 seasons)(’08,’80)

And the rest of the teams:
6 – Houston (0.17)(30 seasons)(no championship)
7 – Kansas City (0.19)(30 seasons)(’85)
8 – Texas (0.23)(30 seasons)(no championship)
9 – Baltimore (0.38)(30 seasons)(’83)
10 – Cincinnati (0.47)(30 seasons)(’90)
11 – Colorado (0.48)(16 seasons)(no championship)
12 – Atlanta (0.48)(30 seasons)(’95)
13 – Tampa Bay (0.54)(12 seasons)(no championship)
14 – Oakland (0.55)(30 seasons)(’89)
15 – Minnesota (0.62)(30 seasons)(’91,’87)
16 – Chicago Cubs (0.65)(30 seasons)(no championship)
17 – NY Mets (0.72)(30 seasons)(’86)
18 – Detroit (0.78)(30 seasons)(’84)
19 – Washington (0.90)(5 seasons)(no championship)
20 – Toronto (1.07)(30 seasons)(’93,’92)
21 – LA Dodgers (1.15)(30 seasons)(’88,’81)
22 – Pittsburgh (1.29)(30 seasons)(’79)
23 – Arizona (1.70)(12 seasons)(’01)
24 – LA Angels (1.78)(30 seasons)(’02)
25 – Florida (2.34)(16 seasons)(’03,’97)

So when the deserving factor is worked in, the Cubs turn out in 16th and even among teams that have not won over the past 30 seasons they still place 10th. And in my algorithm, the Cubs moved up a few places from 10th to 16th after the Blackhawks won earlier this summer. Similar to the Boston Bruins, almost every team in town is has won a championship recently except them. Though that doesn’t diminish my desire for them to win it all.


~ by Frank on August 19, 2010.

One Response to “Championship Satiation – Baseball”

  1. As a die-hard Red Sox fan I whole heartedly disagree with your rankings. However, they are hardly a threat this year so I’m left hoping that our pitcher, Clay Buchholz, may get the recognition he deserves by winning the Cy Young award.

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