Championship Satiation – Hockey

So hockey is the first sport in this series on the most deserving teams since the playoffs have begun. If you have not read it first, here is the original post in the series which describes how I came about determining a ‘satiation’ factor for each team and each city. Since this study only goes back 30 years, there are multiple teams which have not won a championship in that span of time. So the cumulative ‘satiation’ factor for each city is factored into the one for each sports team. This takes into account if a fan may be satiated by championships in the same city by other sports. Boston is a good example since every sport except hockey has won a championship in the past five years. Whereas Buffalo hasn’t had a championship in over 30 years for both of their pro teams.

There are currently 30 professional hockey teams in the NHL. There are also three cities (Winnipeg, Quebec, and Hartford) which have lost teams and currently do not have a team. So the top five teams which are most deserving are:
1 – Buffalo (0.00)(30 seasons)(no championship)
2 – Minnesota (0.13)(23 seasons)(no championship)
3 – Washington (0.15)(30 seasons)(no championship)
4 – Ottawa (0.18)(16 seasons)(no championship)
5 – Toronto (0.28)(30 seasons)(no championship)

The top five least deserving teams are:
30 – Detroit (4.48)(30 seasons)(’08,’02,’98,’97)
29 – Pittsburgh (3.82)(30 seasons)(’09,’92,’91)
28 – Calgary (3.71)(28 seasons)(’06,’89)
27 – New Jersey (3.17)(26 seasons)(’03,’00,’95)
26 – Anaheim (3.09)(15 seasons)(’07)

And the rest of the teams:
6 – Philadelphia (0.28)(30 seasons)(no championship)
7 – Carolina (0.28)(11 seasons)(no championship)
8 – San Jose (0.28)(17 seasons)(no championship)
9 – Atlanta (0.30)(11 seasons)(no championship)
10 – Vancouver (0.35)(30 seasons)(no championship)
11 – Phoenix (0.37)(12 seasons)(no championship)
12 – Nashville (0.38)(10 seasons)(no championship)
13 – St Louis (0.45)(30 seasons)(no championship)
14 – Chicago (0.46)(30 seasons)(no championship)
15 – Florida (0.62)(15 seasons)(no championship)
16 – Columbus (0.66)(8 seasons)(no championship)
17 – Los Angeles (0.73)(30 seasons)(no championship)
18 – NY Rangers (0.98)(30 seasons)(’94)
19 – Boston (1.02)(30 seasons)(no championship)
20 – Montreal (1.08)(30 seasons)(’93,’86,’79)
21 – NY Islanders (1.13)(30 seasons)(’83,’82,’81,’80)
22 – Dallas (1.53)(15 seasons)(’99)
23 – Edmonton (1.72)(30 seasons)(’90,’88,’87,’85,’84)
24 – Colorado (2.34)(17 seasons)(’01,’96)
25 – Tampa Bay (2.79)(16 seasons)(’04)

Despite the fact that most of the teams make it to the playoffs, here are the most deserving in order for the teams that made it to the playoffs this year: Buffalo, Washington, Ottawa, Philadelphia, San Jose, Vancouver, Phoenix, Nashville, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Montreal, Colorado, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Detroit.

I know that many places such as Montreal where there is such a passion for their team, people will feel that their satiation factor should be lower. But passion in each city and the extent of it is something very difficult to quantify. But the facts remain that some teams and some cities have gone longer and less often without a championship. I’ve thought quite a bit about the fairness of the factors I placed into the calculations and I think the satiation factors are well representative of the championship drought for each team.


~ by Frank on April 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Championship Satiation – Hockey”

  1. Toronto… deserving? lol Your criteria for saying who’s deserving and who’s not is clear, but maybe deserving is not the good word for that 🙂

    • Yeah, I had trouble coming up with appropriate terms. ‘Satiation’ and ‘deserving’ are not perfect. And as I explain in the last paragraph, it’s purely by the numbers and doesn’t take into account the extent of support from the fans.

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