Championship Satiation – Cities

As the previous post explained, I have done some research into which cities and teams I think are the most deserving of the next championship. Though since writing that post, I decided that making it to the championship game does not really satiate the fans of a team or in a city. So I took second place out of the equations and the results are purely for champions.

But first what constitutes a city. I assumed that a real sports fan would cheer for every team in their city or closest city. So I assumed that anyone from New York would cheer for the Jets, the Giants, the Mets, the Yankees, the Islanders, the Rangers, and the Knicks. It may be a bit unrealistic, especially given rivalries, but I had to draw the line somewhere. Another example is that I lumped together the teams from Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose.

In this study I’ve only included cities that have teams in more than one sport and that have a total of more than about 40 seasons played between all the teams in that city. So the teams that did not make the cut include: Calgary, Columbus, Hartford, Jacksonville, Oklahoma, Orlando, Ottawa, Portland, Quebec, Sacramento, San Antonio, Utah, and Winnipeg.

As I stated before, my ‘satiation factor’ has a relative base factor of 1 for teams that win their fair share of championships. A team with below 0.5 has gone a while without a championship while a team with over 2.0 has won fairly recently. An interesting point is that New Orleans had a satiation factor of 0.00 before winning the Superbowl and a satiation factor of 2.02 after.

Another side note is that larger cities with multiple teams tend to have higher satiation factors since they have more chances of winning along with higher revenues to pay for better teams. Adding the CFL may have thrown the numbers off a bit also. Since there are only 8 teams, each team will win more often. I tried to adjust for that, but there’s no getting around teams winning twice over the past ten years.

There were 35 cities that made the cut. The five most deserving are:
1 – Seattle (0.00) (89 seasons)(no championships)
2 – Cleveland (0.00)(87 seasons)(no championships)
3 – Buffalo (0.00) (60 seasons)(no championships)
4 – Kansas City (0.09)(65 seasons)(’85 MLB)
5 – Milwaukee/Green Bay (0.22)(90 seasons)(’97 NFL)

The five least deserving are:
35 – Pittsburgh (3.40)(90 seasons)(’09,’06 NFL)(’09,’92,’91 NHL)(’80 MLB)
34 – Boston (3.07)(120 seasons)(’08,’86,’84,’81 NBA)(’07,’04 MLB)(’05,’04,’02 NFL)
33 – Edmonton (2.46)(60 seasons)(’90,’88,’87,’84,’83 NHL)(’05,’03,’93,’87,’82,’81,’80 CFL)
32 – New Orleans (2.26)(35 seasons)(’10 NFL)
31 – Los Angeles (2.20)(172 seasons)(’09,’02,’01,’00,’88,’87,’85,’82,’80 NBA)(’02,’88,’81 MLB)(’84 NFL)

And here is the rest of the pack:
6 – Atlanta (0.22)
7 – Carolina/Charlotte (0.23)
8 – Minnesota (0.26)
9 – Cincinnati (0.28)
10 – Washington (0.46)
11 – Tennessee/Memphis/Nashville (0.46)
12 – San Diego (0.50)
13 – San Fran/Oakland/San Jose/Golden State (0.51)
14 – Arizona/Phoenix (0.53)
15 – Houston/Texas (0.62)
16 – Baltimore (0.67)
17 – Toronto (0.83)
18 – Philadelphia (0.83)
19 – Dallas (0.89)
20 – Colorado/Denver (1.02)
21 – Vancouver (1.06)
22 – Montreal (1.24)(76 seasons)(’09,’02 CFL)(’93,’86,’79 NHL)
23 – St Louis (1.34)
24 – Chicago (1.38)(150 seasons)(’05 MLB)(’98,’97,’96,’93,’92,’91 NBA)(’85 NFL)
25 – Miami/Florida (1.44)
26 – Tampa Bay (1.48)
27 – Indianapolis/Indiana (1.55)
28 – New York (1.68)
29 – Detroit (1.97)
30 – New Jersey (2.16)

UPDATE: While going through the spreadsheet a couple days after posting this, I did find an error that switched around the most deserving and a few other spots down the list.

The rankings for the other sports will be coming shortly. The NHL will be next followed by the NBA since their playoffs are coming soon.


~ by Frank on April 11, 2010.

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