Montreal Survival Guide

Over the years there have been many people who found this blog after looking for information about Montreal. Often they’ve been people either planning to move to Montreal or have already moved here. Up until now they have had to either dig through the archives or tags in order to find the information they were seeking.

Now this blog was originally created both to reach out to those from other places who have moved here and to relay my experience as a new resident to family, friends, and the general public. I had always been interested in creating a “Best of” page on the blog for those who had recently found it. But after seeing so many people interested in information about living in Montreal, I decided that I would rather compile all of the posts containing my thoughts and observations on the subject. I’d actually been thinking about doing that for a few years now.

Well this past week a friend from Chicago was sent here for a few months for work. And it turns out that there were quite a few others that came here with her. So I decided that it was the best time to finally assemble all those posts. So you can now find the Montreal Survival Guide listed under the “About” title to the right.

It’s been a fun exercise. Rereading all those posts and realizing that I did actually articulate what was on my mind. It has also helped to show how far I’ve come in the past six years in regards to language and knowledge of the city and culture. Though I’m actually quite surprised at the number of typos. Anyhow, if you have time there is quite a few interesting ones in there. Enjoy!

~ by Frank on January 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Montreal Survival Guide”

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  2. Apparently you don’t realize what kind of “survival guide” this is, spammer. So are you one of those prepper people or just some person in a far away land hoping to score some traffic?

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