The Guest Wall

The Guest Room

Since today is Thanksgiving in the US, I figured that this would be a good picture to post. It’s actually my 6th most “interesting” photo out of the 1634 that I have posted on Flickr so far. I think that’s much more about the subject of the photo rather than the quality of the photo. It is an installation in our guest room consisting mainly of photos of people who are important to us. Here’s a little explanation of how it came to be.

A few years ago we had a bunch of people coming in from out of town for a big event. We had moved in the house a year before and had not yet finished the guest room. We painted it and installed the furniture, but we wanted to create some sort of collage of photos over the bed showing the people important to us. We both have very modern tastes so a patchwork of various photos of differing sizes and frames did not capture our interest. So I came up with this idea of creating a grid of 5×7 head shots of each person. And of course we did it in black and white since it has a more artistic appearance.

After we worked out what spacing we felt would look best, we had to choose exactly who are the 52 most important people in our lives other than ourselves. In the end, our time crunch to finish it before the big date limited the photos to those we had on hand. That is why in this photo there are still a few blank ones. But of course the choice of who makes the wall and who does not can be quite a touchy situation considering who visits the house. There is actually a fairly easy solution to that. The pictures can be changed out, so you can tailor it to who might be visiting. As long as everyone you know doesn’t show up on the same date, you shouldn’t have any problems. In the meantime, we can put up the people we feel should be up there. Currently it is still the photos of those we had on hand when we first set it up. Updating it has long been on my to-do list and maybe someday I’ll get to it. BTW, the interchangability also allows us to change-out people if they piss us off or change-in people who share their lottery winnings.

The commentary concerning the photos has been interesting. Some people have said that they look like mug shots. Though I don’t really think so since they are all smiling. Some have said they would feel weird sleeping with all those faces staring back. Well, I’ve always thought it would be a good place to practice my public speaking. Or others could practice their exhibitionist tendencies in the privacy of our guest room.

Like I said earlier, the photo is one of my most popular. Much of the traffic has come from the Flickr group “IKEA beds“. Yes, the bed is IKEA and the frames are 5×7 side-clip frames that come in a bundle of 4 for 3 bucks. It was also posted on LA Apartment Therapy back in April.

It was a fun little project and I’ve been happy that it’s been getting such a positive response. It’s gotten quite a bit more exposure on the web than through the dozen of people who have been in our basement.


~ by Frank on November 26, 2009.

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  1. Very cool – that is a very nice idea.

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