Kitty Capture

This morning we woke up late after a less-than-relaxing shortened three day camping trip in the rain. Our plans for the day consisted of drying out all of our camping gear, spraying more waterproofing on the tents, and repacking the tents and the gear with an eye on reducing their bulk. In addition we would try to complete our weekly chores and prepare for the week ahead. Quite a bit for one day and too much for a day of recovery.

As we were going about getting these things done, our neighbor popped over to say that there was a kitten in her yard and had been following her around all morning. So we went over to see the kitten, but it had gone back behind her fence into the alley. As we peered through her fence we noticed that there was a pet-carrying cage along with at least one other kitten. Someone had decided to abandon the kittens in the alley behind our houses.

Three Kittens

We can only guess as to why they abandoned them and why they left them at that location. As far as the location, I figure there are two possible reasons. One could have been because it is behind a commercial center and they would have access to scraps of food. The other would be that it’s in a well-to-do neighborhood and either the local families would adopt the kittens, find homes for them, or take them to the shelter.

We often went back there to check on the kittens. At first we counted three kittens, then it was thought that there were five, but finally it was confirmed that there are four. There is a white one, a black one, a grey one, and a tiger stripped one. Their boldness follows in that order with the white one always the first to check things out and the tiger stripped one the last.

The Leader

During the day, we laid out some milk for them to drink both in our yard and back in the alley by the cage, but they did not seem very interested in it. Our neighbor also tried some cheese which did not get a response. Then after dinner I had the idea to try putting out tuna. So I went back there with about a quarter of a can on an old margarine lid to see if it interested them. It was quite something to see. First the white one seemed to catch a whiff of it while the others stayed hidden among the weeds. The white one seemed to weave back and forth trying to determine where the scent was coming from. When he realized it was the pile of tuna, he pounced on it and started munching it down like there was no tomorrow. It was quite a long while before the black one seemed to start wondering what the white one was doing. He crawled out slowly at first but then ran toward the lid of tuna. Then soon after the grey one came out, then a mini cat fight broke out as all four started diving over each other licking up any tuna that spilled over.

After I returned home, both our family and the neighbor’s returned with more tuna. Again the kittens came out in order, but with much less reluctance. Except for the tiger-stripped one. It took him a long time to come out of the weeds and only came out when almost all the tuna was gone.

Now during the day, we had done some research on who would take in abandoned animals. I found the SPCA and the Animal Rescue Network, but did not contact them since I wasn’t quite sure what we wanted to do. I kinda fell for their little kitten faces and was wondering if we might adopt them ourselves. My wife had contacted the police, but they said that you have to capture them and bring them to the police station. I was starting to think that maybe we could lure them into our yard and have them live there until we could find them a home or a shelter if we didn’t choose to keep them ourselves. The thing is that we are more dog-people than cat-people. Plus four cats is quite a bit to take on at one time.

Waiting for Rescue

So after the kittens had finished that second helping of tuna, I went back to get the rest along with a small bowl of milk. We laid out the milk and used the tuna to lure them back into the cage. Our neighbor went and got some cardboard and rope. The kittens all made their way into the cage in exactly the same order as before and we covered the open end with the cardboard fastened with the rope. Then as a family we took them to the police station making sure that they would not be euthanized. The policewoman told us that the SPCA would come by in the morning to pick them up, but we left our name and number if a home could not be found. And just a little while ago the police station called to assure us that good homes would be found for them. It’s quite possible they opened the cage and decided to take them home themselves.


~ by Frank on July 5, 2009.

5 Responses to “Kitty Capture”

  1. Holy shit, Frank. That’s incredible.

  2. Could these kittens be any cuter!?!?!?! Calendar material! Just an amazing story and wonderful photos! Melt!

  3. Great story, Frank! Are those your photos of the actual kittens? (They’re awesome!)

  4. How can people abandon them like that? Humans are weird.

    I’ve always wanted a tiger stripe cat… Would have been very hard to resist!

  5. AWWWWW…..I am so glad that you shared your story. These kittens are sooo cute, GREAT pics!!! I am very thankful that the kittens were left in an area that others would find and take care of them. However, I do totally agree with Martine, abandonment is just awful!!

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