Melt ’em Down

Ties for Wheelchair

A few years ago a friend of a friend asked us to start collecting bread bag clips for someone they know who needed to get a wheelchair. As the clips started adding up, I started to wonder exactly what is the connection between bread clips and getting a wheelchair. It’s not like a company requesting you to keep a part of their product as proof of purchase. The company gets business and in turn does a good deed for someone in need which further improves the image of the company. But with bread bag clips (and soda can pull tabs for that matter) there is no specific company which benefits. My mother suggested the request to gather these is an expression of support for the person which someone else will reward with the wheelchair.

So I asked my friend what was the connection. They suggested that they must melt them down to make parts for the wheelchair. After they saw the "You’ve got to be kidding!" look on my face, they said they’d ask their friend. The other friend came back with the same suggestion that they would be melted down for parts. Since I still did not believe this, I asked if someone could actually ask the wheelchair bound person for a direct answer. The response came back from that person that they intend to melt these guys down for parts of the wheelchair.

I still don’t believe it. I think I’ll ask to see how they do this.


~ by Frank on April 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “Melt ’em Down”

  1. Yeah, I’m not convinced…. It just seems so random, inefficient, and ineffective.
    My coworker keeps trying to get me to visit a website that apparently by clicking on it brings in add revenue, and then they use the money to buy rice for poor people. I can’t imagine how beneficial a cup of rice per month would be to the starving masses.

  2. I think I can explain it. I was friend with a guy responsible for that kind of charity. They take all this plastic (and can pull tabs) and when they have enough, they sell it to recycling plant by the weight. Then, the money goes to buying wheelchairs and/or medical equipment.

  3. Or, you could do this:

  4. Devyn: Yeah, I remember quite a few years ago when there was a website that would do that. I can see how the cups of rice could add up and I think that site brought attention to specific charities or causes.

    Thanks, Sofy. I’m still a bit surprised that they would be able to get enough to make enough money. We’re a family of four that eats quite a bit of bread and it took us a year to get this many. Someone also wondered if this type of plastic is recyclable.

    Nancy: Yeah, I’d call those amazing. But maybe not in a good way.

  5. Did you know that the colors of the plastic correlate with what day the bread was made?

    ~Shauku in Montreal

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