A Modern Architect's Dream

There is one thing that never ceases to amaze me about my wife. Her drive. I’ve written before about her struggle to get an education in architecture. She has always been one to fight and work hard for what she wants. But despite all the work she had done to get an architecture education in France, both the US and Canadian licensing boards have required that she pass a long and rather expensive validation process of her French degree. Though understandably, they have required her to complete courses in building systems and professional ethics.

Despite the demands of a new job and a working mother, she pushed ahead and took both classes last spring. It proved to be a very tough time with the addition of overtime due to impending deadlines. But she persevered, juggled it all, and kept it together much better than myself who stayed home to watch the kids. She managed the two classes, her job with overtime, and spending quality time with the kids.

Though this should really not be a surprise. She has always been one to finish the job at all costs. When she starts something, she will continue through her limits to utter exhaustion. On the flip side, I take breaks very often and tend to get distracted onto other directions. Plus she’s the adventurous one who is always pushing to get out and do things counter to my play-it-safe reservations. We’re kinda ying-and-yang like that and tend to pull each other back toward the middle. Her drive and dedication is part of what drew me to her and is one of her strongest qualities. Our kids are very fortunate to have a mother so dedicated to their betterment.

Happy Birthday, honey.


~ by Frank on January 18, 2009.

6 Responses to “Drive”

  1. Happy Birthday Frank’s wife!

  2. Good for her in persevering. You two sound like a perfect fit.

  3. You’re a lucky guy. I hope you did something special for her on her special day.

  4. It’s great that 1. You really see HER and her qualities 2. you are able to express how you feel about them. 3. you take the time to do so!

    Bonne fête Nathalie!

  5. Happy birthday, and congratulations to you both!

  6. Thanks, everyone. We had a good time and all went out to a creperie in Beloil.

    Martine: Well, those are still some points that I need to do better on in real life. Oddly they come out easier on paper.

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