The Bet

There are two things I’ve been wanting to do. Both involve a return to my youth.

The first is that I would like to shed some of the weight that I’ve been carrying. My loyal readers are familiar with this. I made a bet with Ed a couple years ago which fell flat. I went on some fad lose weight quick diet and lost a sizeable amount. Only to fall off the wagon and binge back to where I started. It always seems to go that route. I’ve also tried just eating better and that never really seemed to work.

The other thing is that I’ve been interested in growing out my hair again. After last year’s attempt at a mustache, I figure letting my hair grow out again might be an interesting goal this year. The problem with growing out your hair is that there is always that awkward in-between phase where you look like a deadbeat. Or at least it does with my hair since it stays fairly straight until it gets longer. My wife met me when I had long hair, but she has understandably been against growing my hair out since there would be that ‘deadbeat’ phase.

Cascade of Fire

So the other day I had a great idea. I made a bet with her that as long as I lost a pound a week, I could keep from cutting my hair. A bit to my surprise, she was all for it. Partly because I would drop the weight, but also because actually I would return to what I look like when we first met. One of the reasons I thought it would make the most sense to do it this way is because I don’t think I’d be interested in the image of myself with long hair at my current weight. I just get this image of those greasy chubby guys with a ponytail. Not something I aspire to. So in my mind you really can’t have the hair with the weight.

So far, so good. A week and a half and I’m on track with the weight (which isn’t really that difficult for me at the beginning) and the hair looks decent on some days. As far as the diet, I’m really just watching what I eat. But one significant thing that I’m doing is being sure to get enough sleep. If I’m tired, the willpower is non-existant and I just try to keep more than enough fuel in me to get me through the day. Ultimately the goal is to fit back into the suit I wore at my wedding (30lbs ago) next summer for my 20th high school reunion. Wish me luck.


~ by Frank on December 9, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Bet”

  1. Good luck to you, like you say, the real hurdle will be in about a month or so.

  2. Ah-haha, in the end, it’s always about the high school reunion, isn’t it? Well good luck, this sounds like an interesting exercise. I look forward to viewing your follicle-ary progress. 🙂

  3. I think you’re only allowed to wear a pony tail when you are backpacking and below 25… but that sounds like a good motivation anyway. Go for it!

    (Says the woman who skipped her high school reunion and took a trip to Mexico instead.)

  4. Sounds like a good goal oriented project. Good luck sir.

  5. each time you don’t get the weekly lb goal, you should cut off 1 inch of hair. keep your +30, shave the head; make your goal, buy some new ponytail holders.

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