WE Won!

Meaning everyone.

Much has been said about the election. But I thought I’d offer my perspective.

For many this was about race and a enormous barrier being broken. Having grown up in the city, shoulder to shoulder with people of all backgrounds, race was less of an issue than maybe for those not exposed to others of different backgrounds. Plus race was less of an issue when I was grown up than it had been for my parents and grandparents. So in truth, I have been surprised when I heard about the difference in white vs. black reaction to events such as the OJ Simpson verdict or the Katrina aftermath. For me race was much less an issue in this campaign. It’d be great if the barrier were broken, but for me it shouldn’t have been done if the candidate were not up to the task. That could have had an opposite effect.

Rather it was the character of the candidate. Someone who actually thinks. Someone willing to consider all sides of an issue. Someone who will include everyone. Someone who is upfront and honest. He is not the second coming and the world may not instantly become perfect. But he is someone who is best equipped to best lead us through the troubled world that we currently have. I can’t say enough how good it feels to have someone in power who will actually think before making a decision. Some say it’s better to be lucky than good, but if you’re very good, you don’t have to be lucky.

But there’s something else. The inspiration, hope, and inclusion that he projects. Yes, WE can!

The day after he was elected, I was on cloud nine. It wasn’t that “I feel good because my team won.” It was I believe in the US again. I believe that people care about each other again. Recent years have left me jaded and even a bit paranoid about others. People seemed to be out to protect themselves and/or out to make a buck. That happens when you live under fear. Suddenly, I have found drive again. I’ve started doing things that I’ve been conveniently putting off. I have a spring in my step and this overall good feeling that thankfully hasn’t gone away. And I’m really hoping it doesn’t leave anytime soon.


~ by Frank on November 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “WE Won!”

  1. I’d rather Stephen Harper as president…or Paul Martin. I think we need a new constitutional amendment allowing Canadian ex-prime ministers to run for president!

  2. After so much toking on the HOPE Bong, I hope America doesn’t have too much of a hang over when reality strikes and they are forced to read the fine print.

  3. I love you Frank

  4. Raymond: Good luck with that.

    Mrne: I have no doubts that will happen. But it will all depend at what degree. Obama himself even has joked that his public image during the campaign was larger than life.

    Nathalie: Je t’aime aussi.

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