Dead Battery

Last year during the first weekend of December, my father came to visit. We didn’t have anything special planned and it was a good thing we didn’t. Saturday morning we went to my daughter’s weekly dance class a half hour away from our house. We had no problem getting out there and back. Though as had been happening over the past week or two, the car was needing to turn over a couple times in order to start. I hoped it was due to the cold weather and not the battery, alternator, or starter since the car was already requiring more and more frequent repairs.

The forecast that weekend was for a heavy snowstorm to blow through on Sunday. Despite this, we decided to head out for some groceries with the car. But the car decided against it and would not turn over. And I could see the power disappearing from the battery. We called CAA for a jump, but our membership had expired. So we paid the membership along with the cost of a guy to come give us a jump. As he jumped the car, he said it was likely the battery and that we should immediately go get one before the shops closed that evening. At this point, the snow was starting to come down and we were also concerned about getting stuck out on the road with a dead battery.

We decided that we didn’t have a choice and my father and I headed for the nearest Canadian Tire that had our type available. So we got on the expressway and slowly made our way through the 2″ or 3″ of snow now on the road. We turned off at our exit and made our way toward the store. As we approached, I saw the garage side of the store and pulled into the parking lot. My father reminded me a second too late that I should keep the car running and I killed it. Back to square one since it would not start up. Now I was upset with myself and hoped this could be resolved in the store.

We went inside and I was immediately surprised at how small the counter was for auto service. Plus their battery rack carried ONLY Energizer batteries. Energizer makes car batteries? This all seems weird. I told the guy behind the counter that we needed a battery and gave him the info about our car. He walked over looked at some chart on the rack and said they didn’t have the type of battery we needed. Wait, but we called earlier and they said they have it in stock. He said sorry but they don’t have it.

So I explained our situation (all in French, BTW. My father had no clue what we were saying.) since our car is now dead in their parking lot. He felt that it was likely the alternator and not the battery. OK, maybe that will resolve the problem. So I asked him if there were any possiblity to install an alternator tonight. To which he replied “We don’t sell alternators at Walmart.” My father said he could see exactly what I was thinking. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING AT WALMART!!!” I was stunned. Wait a minute. Where is Canadian Tire? And how the heck are we going to get there with a dead car.

Turns out it was in the same commercial strip and the Walmart guy was very very kind enough to jump us again. We made our way over (without turning off the car). I installed the battery at home and we traded in that piece of junk a few weeks later. We bought new since we’ve had our share of repairs over the past few years. That day was a bit of a nightmare for me, but my father and I still get a good laugh about the Walmart part.


~ by Frank on October 17, 2008.

One Response to “Dead Battery”

  1. That’s pretty funny. I’m figuring our piece of junk is costing about two hundred a month in repairs, so we should probably just get a new one.

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