Bus Change?

The other day a few of us were leaving for a farewell lunch for a co-worker who has decided to pursue an MBA. I was late getting out of the office and left figuring I’d catch up along the way or at the restaurant. I took the elevator down, exited the lobby, and crossed the street.

As I approached the opposite curb, I saw a woman coming up the sidewalk to my right. She looked a bit ragged and like life had not treated her well. As is common downtown, she demanded of the guy in front of me:”Bus Change?”. Immediately and almost in a half whisper, she turned to me and asked: “Blowjob?”

I was stunned. A bunch of questions raced through my mind. “Why me?” “What was the difference that prompted the different propositions between myself and the guy in front of me?” “What on my face suggests I’d be open to that in broad daylight?” “Huh?” “Am I being presumptuous that she was expecting more than just bus change for my proposition?”

In an odd coincidence, we crossed paths again the next evening. I was headed down the same street in the same direction except on block further. She again came up the sidewalk to the right arriving at the intersection at the same time as myself. Though this time I received a proposition for bus change. I suppose I wasn’t wearing my lucky shirt.


~ by Frank on October 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bus Change?”

  1. That is too funny.

  2. Ha ha! I was going to blame it on the reputation of red heads, but the second test ruined it all.

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