Fox Attacks: Obama = Kerry

Same attacks, different election year. It may just be because I find myself more on one side of the political fence, but it just seems like the other side exaggerates and makes up more stuff than the side I see more eye to eye with.


~ by Frank on September 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fox Attacks: Obama = Kerry”

  1. The operative words are “just seems.” Consider them equivalent in this regard and many others as well. As the brilliant seminal psychological theorist Harry Stack Sullivan said, people (and in this case political parties) “more similar than otherwise.” The differences are generally a matter of nuance and verbal emphasis.

  2. P.S. Were one to compare Democratic attack ads on Republicans from one national race to another, you would find that once again, as Sullivan said, “more similar than otherwise.”

    You might find it illuminating to read a paper by JONATHAN HAIDT, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia, entitled “What makes people vote Republican.”

    Jonathan Haidt is a self-described liberal democrat

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