Return Trip Dilemma

One of the difficult parts about our return trips back to Chicago is determining who we will see and how many people we will try to see. The trips are always already jam packed trying to see family and do certain things or attend certain events. Last year I felt horrible because I didn’t see one side of my family and one of my best friends, but that was kinda how the cards fell.

Yes, if life permitted, I would see everyone. But we also have to consider that it IS supposed to be a vacation and we can’t spend the whole time running from appointment to appointment. Large groups is a good way of seeing alot of people at once, but you don’t necessarily get “quality time” with each person. So during the last few visits we dwindled down the people we MUST see and have had a good time catching up with each other. But now with all these different networking sites I’ve started reconnecting with many friends who I’ve thought of highly. It feels kinda cheap to reconnect on a virtual level, but not spend the time to meet up when we’re back in town.

And to complicate the mix, there are the people who I have come into contact with virtually and now communicate with fairly regularly. Last year I met up with a bunch of them and had a good time. So this year I’ve organized another get-together. In some ways it seems odd how the vast majority of my new friends are generated from the internet than from the real world. Though there is still that yearning to meet people in person to make them “real”.

In the end it just seems to be one of those things that comes with moving away. Scheduling the trip is kinda like life. You make sure all the big pieces are in place, then the medium size ones, then you try to fit in the rest as best you can. There will likely be parts left over that you still would have liked to fit in. Though unlike life, there will always be next year’s trip.


~ by Frank on July 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Return Trip Dilemma”

  1. That’s just like us, except we have two places we ‘have’ to visit: Saint John for the mister, and the UK for me.

    Both places have family and friend visit obligations that we never get around to and end up feeling bad about. We have the best intentions but still never manage to see who we really want to see due to lack of time.

  2. Kerry, it will be even different once you have kid(s). There’s nap time and you can’t really bring them to bars for meet-ups with friends. On one side of it, you tend to distill down to your close friends and family. Though you loose touch with so many others.

  3. I agreed with you

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