Carolyn’s Fingers – Cocteau Twins

I’ve always liked this song (and this group.) I think I started listening to them in grad school just before I met my future wife. So it always reminds me of when we first started going out.


~ by Frank on May 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Carolyn’s Fingers – Cocteau Twins”

  1. Dude, me and Cocteau Twins, I could go on and on. Lawd knows, having their cassettes and records (sigh) back in the mid-80s did wonders when it came time to wooing the womenfolk. All that was required was mentioning words like “ethereal” and “esoteric” when describing their sound, and I was in like Flynn. Saw them at St-Jean-Baptiste church on Rachel, but that wasn’t too great, unfortunately.
    I remember, fall 1984, they were being interviewed by John Peel, and one of the guys happened to giggle when Elisabeth Fraser mentioned that she liked ABBA. Man, did she ever go off, so much so that I learned an entirely new vocabulary of British swear words that night.
    BTW, interesting little note: In her side project with This Mortal Coil, Liz Fraser sings a most incredible version of Tim Buckley’s “Song to the Siren.” Several years later, she had a love affair with son Jeff.

  2. Yeah, I agree about the wooing. But they didn’t get much play or press down south of the border. I think their following was due to word of mouth. So I knew little about them before reading their Wikipedia page. I’ll check out that song once I’m at a computer that allows streaming video.

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