“The man has more lives than a cat.” – Ramone

Easily my favorite line in the series.

As some of you probably know, my wife and I have been making our way through the series 24 on DVD. We are currently part way through season five and I thought I’d comment a bit on the series. Just as a precursor, we’ve tried to stay in the dark about the series since we know there’s probably a plethora of info and commentary out there. Every once in a while I’ve gotten curious about an actor and read too much finding out that they are killed off at some point or another. Luckily I’ve only been able to figure out when that character would be gone less than an hour before time.

As with the masses that follow the show, my wife and I really enjoy it. But after a few seasons you start to see some of the formulas and constraints that a show with this framework is limited. The biggest one being that it has to last 24 hours. So any resolution in the storyline is temporary. Something must continue in order to fill out the 24 hours. Also, Jack isn’t going anywhere. Yes, he’s been killed twice, but since we’re playing catch-up, we know he’s still with the show. This is more a problem with watching it on DVD than following it “realtime”. Another problem with watching it on DVD is that the menu for each hour for seasons one through four would present a preview image. Unfortunately it was enough to get a good feel of where the storyline was headed.

There are also a few recurring events:
– People are sleeping together at CTU.
– The head of CTU will step down, be taken down, die, or be killed. Sometimes more than once in an episode.
– The loved one of someone at CTU will die due to an attack and it will affect their work.
– The loved one of someone at CTU will be threatened with death.
– There is a mole at CTU.
– Someone at CTU will get fired, but then possibly reinstated.
– Jack will say “We’re running out of time.”
– Jack will say “That’s not soon enough.”
– Jack will say “I don’t think you’re making the right call on this.”
– Jack will work outside the jurisdiction of CTU.
– Jack will work covertly with someone within CTU who will likely be reprimanded for helping him.
– Jack will talk someone into letting him live just a little bit longer.
– Jack will scream “Dammit!” after an informant dies or gets away.
– Estimated times will either happen in a few minutes (to allow for a commercial break) or happen just before the hour (end of the episode).
– Loved ones brought to the medical center at CTU will likely die.

And since when did the plans of a building (blueprints) become “schematics”. I’m going to start telling clients that their schematics won’t be ready for another week even though they plead as strongly as Bauer that they need them NOW!

There are probably more, but I can’t think of them. Can you think of any?

That last thing I find kinda funny about the show is that we are OK with Jack torturing suspects in order to extract info in the name of saving thousands of lives. Yet if it were real life and we did not have this personal connection (via TV) with Jack’s character, we may not be as open to the idea.


~ by Frank on April 25, 2008.

2 Responses to ““The man has more lives than a cat.” – Ramone”

  1. So try about the formulaic aspect. I got out of the habit of watching after season 4. I decided that I didn’t like the heart palpitations I experienced at the end of each episode.

  2. Yeah, we usually watch just before bed and my wife said that she has trouble going to sleep because of it. I usually calm down with my nightly internet time. Plus I don’t get as wrapped as her. I take a lot of it as almost comedic.

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