We used to stand on the roof of our building while the Blue Angels performed during the Chicago Air & Water Show. It sent chills down your spine your spine as the plane passed not more than a hundred feet over your head. But I can only imagine what it’s like on one of these rooftops.


~ by Frank on April 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Duck”

  1. like she says : “holy cow!”

  2. Is that the old Kai Tak in HK? I sorta guessed because of the red taxis
    love it when the girl exclaims “Holy cow!”

    I saw a picture once of a runway basically starting right on the beach, it looked like people could almost touch the plane. Pretty crazy stuff, I think it was somewhere in the Carribbean.

  3. I wonder how much life insurance runs living in that neighborhood.

    Bruno: Yes, it’s in Hong Kong and I’ve also seen pictures of that landing strip in the Caribbean. Amazing stuff.

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