He’s Dead. Jim.

People are Strange

Jim Morrison’s grave in Pere Lachaise Cemetary in Paris, Jan 1992.

No, this blog isn’t dead. But as I mentioned before I’m planning a bit of a vacation from it again. A European Vacation actually. My European Memoirs blog has been on the shelf for over a year now and I’d like to finish the posts from my first tour of duty in 1991-92. It won’t be a complete vacation since there are always things that just must be written about now.

There are a couple other reasons I need to slow down on the internet front. First, they have installed filtering software at work, so there are a few sites I can’t access (when I blog during lunch). Only half of the images on Flickr make it through. The other reason is that one of my spring resolutions is to get more sleep. I’ve been staying up too late in order to keep up with some internet activities, so that’s what I’ll cut back on in order to get my beauty sleep. It should help my efficiency on all fronts. I’ll likely keep up with other blogs though since that’s easy to do.

So I’ll still see you around and I’ll let you know when the European Memoirs blog makes any progress.


~ by Frank on April 4, 2008.

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