Warmer Climes

My wife and I have generally been a couple that makes decisions and puts them into action relatively quickly. When we finally decided to get married, we made all the plans and the wedding took place three months later 850 miles away. When we decided to have a kid, nine months later our first child was born. When we decided to move to Montreal, we lined up a new job, got all the immigration paperwork in order, sold our condo, and started work three months later.

So it should not come as a surprise to you what I’m about to reveal. We are moving to Hawaii. Five Montreal winters were as much as we could take and this recent one was particularly tough. Yes, we could have decided to move back to Chicago, but they have winters too.

I suppose it all started when we took a postponed honeymoon there. Like many couples who go there, the question comes up during the stay: “What if we just chucked it all and moved here?” “We could just hawk timeshares during the afternoon and spend the rest of our day galavanting around the island!”

Then you get back home, reality sets in, and the daily grind takes over. Every once in a while, you take out those photos and dream again about never dealing with black ice and frozen snot. But then you get a raise or a promotion, and maybe spring finally arrives. Then later that allure of coco butter occasionally beckons again and you find yourself checking job listings among the pineapples.

That is how we came to our current situation. Not one, but two near perfect places of employment posted positions that were ideal for each of us. After a couple months of working out the details and receiving offers, we have found a place on Maui where we will be within walking distance of work, good schools, and the beach. It’s like a dream.

I apologize for not notifying anyone. We plan to return this summer and see everyone. We were worried we’d jinx it by letting people know too early. We would really have liked to notify everyone in person, but our schedule is so tight that we were given very little time between the job being offered and the start date. So our plane leaves today, April 1st.

So I’d really like to wish you all a happy april fools day and I hope that you dream along with me that this may someday actually happen.


~ by Frank on April 1, 2008.

10 Responses to “Warmer Climes”

  1. Rat bastard! I believed you too. Will I be had again today?

  2. ha ha! You had me for a while there… a long while, actually!

  3. Yeah, I figured that you didn’t have a kid nine months after thinking about it. I mean, some groundwork needed to be laid.

  4. D’OH!!!!!!!

    Hook. Line.


  5. You had me going. Good one.

  6. Nope, you’ve gotten me before on Fool’s day, besides, you need to move to NC – mountains that don’t belch lava, sandy beachs with wild horses and lighthouses, and no frozen nose hairs!

  7. Nice try, Frank.

  8. I’m glad everyone enjoyed it.

    Michel: It’s actually true. We decided at New Years that we’d try having a kid at the beginning of the year. We started ‘trying’ on the third, but stopped on the 10th because we found a great deal for finally having our honeymoon. My wife didn’t want to be in early pregnancy during the trip. But apparently my boys are strong swimmers so my wife spent the trip a bit fatigued and sipping ironically virgin drinks. Our daughter was born just nine months after the first of the year.

    Blork: That makes three years in a row.

    Mom: NC is very nice, but I actually like lava vomitting mountains.

  9. That was low, good, but low

  10. […] April Fool’s Backstory As you all likely already know, today’s earlier post about moving to Hawaii was an April Fool’s joke. I did hesitate posting it because I’ve […]

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