The April Fool’s Backstory

As you all likely already know, today’s earlier post about moving to Hawaii was an April Fool’s joke. I did hesitate posting it because I’ve been burned before and was a bit concerned someone from work might read it diagonally and miss the punchline. In last year’s post, I confessed that I was a hardcore fan of Celine Dion. It was one of my main reasons for moving here and I was pissed when she moved to Vegas. I still think the one from two years ago was the best one. I created a fictional revolutionary tool for the maple syrup industry which would suck the sap out of the trees in order to accelerate production.

But it all started back in 1998. I was working directly under one of the principals (you could almost call me his whipping boy since he passed along to me most of the little jobs he needed taking care of). So I sent out an almost company wide email saying that the principal asked me to notify everyone that we were moving our offices to the John Hancock Center. It went over quite well and I didn’t catch any flack for it. Actually I think the principals thought it was kinda funny also.

Then in 1999, I notified everyone by email that we eloped. This one got me into very big trouble with a close family member. I think I took a hiatus after that.

The only other one I remember was another one with the architecture community. At the time I was sending out a weekly email notifying everyone of the lectures, exhibitions, and other goings-on around the city. Architecture was riding kinda high in Chicago at the time with many big name architects doing projects in the city or nearby. So I notified everyone of this mega-panel discussion including ALL the big names: Santiago Calatrava, Frank Gehry, Rem Koolhaas, and Thom Mayne. But who would be the moderator for such a meeting of the minds? Who? …. wait for it… Former President William Jefferson Clinton. Nobody fell for that one.

I thought I had done more of them, but I can’t remember any others. I’m not sure if I’ll do another one next year, but then again I usually don’t think them up until a day or two before.


~ by Frank on April 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “The April Fool’s Backstory”

  1. That’s not a whipping boy really, more like a Gopher (Go-fur-this-and-do-fur-that).

    I loved the joke.

  2. Oops. Yeah, I was his gopher.

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