Wondering What Her Day Held In Store

A couple weekends ago I went to NYC for a company hockey tournament. It was a nice getaway, though it would have been fun if the family could have come along. In the three days and one night that we were there I managed to:

– Take 700 photos (this is the best one)
– participate in and win the hockey tournament
– meet up with some Flickr contacts
– meet up with old friends
– spend a day with my father running around the city
– walk from the far side of the Brooklyn bridge up to Soho, then the Flatiron to Times Square
– and visit a couple other attractions

I likely could have spent a week if not a month exploring the city like that. I suppose it leaves other things to see for upcoming visits. It’s a great city. I was quite surprised to see how many of the stereotypes we’ve come to know are true. Like a woman standing outside of an illegally parked limo next to her driver tasting some desert and saying “This is not quite as good as at such-n-such a place.” Or another woman dressed to the nines followed by a man dressed as a porter carrying a half dozen shopping bags and boxes. Or the rich girls, a la Paris Hilton, standing on a corner bantering about what shop to hit next. And so many people dressed up. Maybe it’s because I’ve been away from experiencing the city center on a daily basis, but it seemed very New York. It’s not the aspect I was fond of, but I really enjoyed the rest of what I saw in the city.


~ by Frank on March 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “NYC”

  1. Beautiful shot. And no snow!

  2. Yeah, it was great. 10C temps and no snow to be found. Imagine my jolt back to reality when I got home to four foot high snow drifts to chisel through.

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