A Year with WordPress

So I’ve now been with WordPress for over a year now. I can say that I’m quite happy with it. There are only two things that I miss about my old Blogger blog. The ability to customize the page more and the tracking of traffic. As far as the second point, it wasn’t Blogger that was tracking it, but Sitemeter. And Sitemeter seems to have lost the ability to track much of the info as it filters through the WordPress blog. Though I’m not as concerned these days since I don’t follow my traffic as closely. But there are days when it peaks that I wonder where everyone is coming from. The WordPress traffic counter doesn’t give the raw data like Sitemeter did, so I can’t always pinpoint the source (if there is one).

That said, the WordPress free account has stepped up some of their “blog stats”. It used to be that only the number of hits for specific posts could be seen along with showing the posts with the most hits per day, week, month, quarter, and year. But now they have done the same for referrers, search engine terms, and clicks (away from the blog). So I thought it would be interesting to summarize many of them here.

Top Posts
1. Photo Stores in Montréal
2. My Road to Montréal
3. Minneapolis Bridge Collapse
4. Les Escaliers de Montréal
5. Snow Removal in Montreal/ Save My Space in Chicago
6. Last of the Blogspot-hicans
7. The Construction Holiday
8. Body Worlds in Montréal
9. Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet
10. Poutine – My Journey

As could be expected, the posts relating to Montréal get all the hits. Likely due to their titles and what people are searching for. Each of these got an average of a hit per day, but the Photo Store post has been getting six hits a day and is consistantly my top post.

Search Engine Terms
1. gothic cathedral(s), beauvais cathedral, amiens cathedral, european gothic cathedrals
2. monet sunrise, monet, monet sunset, sunrise painting, impression, sunrise monet, money impression sunrise, impression sunset,
3. york photo montreal, camera store(s) in montreal, camera stores montreal, l.l.lauzon, montreal camera store(s), lozeau camera
4. wood stairs, montreal stairs, wooden stairs, montreal staircases, modern stairs, stairs steel, escaliers montréal
5. poutine
6. how to make shoes not smell
7. kooza reviews
8. quebec construction holiday 2007, construction holiday quebec 2007
9. montreal nord
10. old soldier field

The gothic one is due to google images referring to a couple of my gothic cathedral shots.

1. Montreal City Weblog
2. Chicagoan in Montreal (on Blogger)
3. Daily Dose of Architecture
4. Sticky Crows
5. Blork blog
6. The Necromancer
7. Ni.Vu.Ni.Connu
8. Goyave-Online
9. Un Taxi La Nuit
10. Stuff I Think About

I’ve left out the rss feed readers. Of course the hits are higher for those who use their blogrolls to check up on other blogs.

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your readership.


~ by Frank on March 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “A Year with WordPress”

  1. I have sitemeter on my WordPress site and it works great. And WP is improving all the time. Most of the design restrictions are security focused and I agree with them.

    Kooza got me here… since I’ll be working for that show soon (Currently on Saltimbanco)

  2. Happy WordPress Anniversary, Keep up the good work…

    Ciao Gino

  3. I, for one, do not miss your Blogger blog. To be precise, I don’t miss that it was hosted by Blogger. I was a huge Blogger fan back in the early days (2000, 2001) but I can’t stand it now. Links are often buggy, and I really, really hate the way commenting works in Blogger (i.e., it takes you away from the post and into a separate comments page; what if you want to refer back to the post??)

    Hey Dave, does your Sitemeter list referrals? I ask because I didn’t think that was possible due to some kind of Javascript limitation. I use hosted WordPress for my “My DP1” blog, and it doesn’t show any referrals, just page views and visitors.

  4. Dave: Yes, Cirque can be a fun client to work with. They can also be frustrating sometimes with design changes.

    Grazie, Gino.

    Blork: Yeah, there were many downsides to Blogger and the two items I mentioned were the only positives. That said, I liked how Blogger evolved while I was on that platform and I like how WordPress is also adding more bells and whistles.

    At the moment I’m not too worried about sitemeter since I don’t follow traffic like I used to. And I recently found that WordPress tracks commentors quite well.

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