Marathon Man

Many of you may see Flickr solely as a means to display photos. Others may realize the social networking aspect of it. And to that end there are people who have given up their blogs prefering to blog through Flickr and it’s social network.

But occasionnally, I’d even say rarely, people take what is possible with the medium, exploit it, and create something extraordinary. Diana Pappas has created that something special within a set titled “Marathon Man“. Here is the description she has given for it.

apprehension on the eve of marathon.

This started out as the story of my brother, Jason, and 26.2 miles in Burlington, VT…. and ended up as a family memoir. go figure. If you are up to it, I advise you to please read and view in order.

It’s an excellent photo narrative that she revealed slowly over time (about one or two a day). Personnally I was quite empathetic with Jason in that I had similar (though not as bad) difficulties during my second marathon. I was having problems with my calves that forced me to stop training a month before and run the race cold. Though I was fortunate in that I was able to walk without pain when the calves discouraged me from running late into the race. The words and photos also brought back memories of all the marathons I followed that my mother had run. The series transgresses into a fascinating family memoir strongly supported by the photos. Go here to start at the beginning.

I have been following Diana’s photos for almost a year now and really enjoy her style. Her shots find beauty in abandoned places rusty and dark. She is also quite accomplished at portraits. Last summer she decided to give up what she was doing and transform photography from a hobby to a career. Her website is here and she has started a “Photo a Day Project“. Here is her explanation of the project:

Every day I email and post one of my photographs with a description. This is my way of sharing the way I view the world and I guarantee you’ll see the world in a different way through my eyes. One signed 11×17 print of each photo is available to the first person who emails me back until midnight EST for $150 plus tax and shipping.

I very much encourage you to check out her work. It’s quite exceptional.


~ by Frank on February 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Marathon Man”

  1. For a second, I read Diane Poppos instead of Diana Pappas. I was a little shocked.

  2. I’ve now gotten traffic from two people searching for the person you thought of.

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