Hopefully I’m not having an adverse effect on my offspring, but I’ve been in the habit lately of teaching them nonsensical utterings.

It started a couple years ago when my sister came to visit (yes, I’m kinda blaming her even though I likely would have started anyhow.) In our visits to and from the city, we are required to cross one of the many bridges over the St Lawrence River. So my sister taught our oldest daughter the James Brown phrase “Take it to the bridge, papa”. Seeing how everytime she uttered the phase, I would break out in laughter, she got in the habit of saying it when she wanted a reaction out of me. Usually at random.

In keeping with this, I prepared our oldest for our next trip to visit my sister. I taught her to say the line from Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction “I don’t dig on swine.” Although she would say “I don’t dig on ze swine.” Which I found even funnier imagining that she was saying it with a German accent. Again she would state the line often and would follow it by “Take it to the bridge, papa.” Cracked me up everytime.

Well then our youngest was getting to the age where she was just starting to form words. This stage of development also coincides with restlessness on the changing table. So you start trying to find ways to distract the child long enough to clean up and install another diaper. One evening I was feeling particularly silly and I just started spouting odd exclamations. Suddenly “Booya!” and “Boom shack-a-lacka” became part of her very limited vocabulary. Later I would also add “Bada bing”.

Well, lately I’ve been watching the presidential primary coverage almost exclusively when cartoons are not requested. My wife was a bit amused by the name of one of the candidates and taught it to our youngest. So now everytime he is mentioned on TV, I hear a chorus of “Huk-a-beee”, “Booya”, and “Boom shack-a-lacka” behind me. Though the youngest pronounces in a cute manner “Hu-pah-bee!”. Makes me chuckle everytime.


~ by Frank on February 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “Corruption”

  1. That’s the drawback of having old dogs. You can’t teach them new tricks.

  2. I’m going to start calling Huckabee – Boom Shack-a-lacka now. Language is a virus! 😉

    Where’s that confounded bridge!

  3. If I had children, I wouldn’t resist either!

  4. mare: maybe you should get a new dog and the others will follow in order to impress you.

    Seth: I’ve got dozens of phrases that have infected my head from over the years. Just this evening after my daughter said “Uh-oh!” (as in Oops!) I had the lyric from an MC Hammer song going through my head: “Uh-oh… Uh-oh.. Uh-oh.. Here comes the Hammer”.

    Sofy: I’m just wondering if it might inhibit them socially by being the kids that keep coming up with these bizarre phrases.

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