I’m not sure if this still happens to everyone, but every once in a while something comes along that totally engages my attention. Sometimes it’s activites, sometimes it’s interests, and often it’s musicians. Blogging was an infatuation for a while as has been Flickr. There has been innumerable bands over the years including fairly recently Frou Frou, DJ Champion, or even Moby. Generally the infatuations take two routes. The first is that it fizzles out and returns after a long layoff, but only with casual interest. The second is where the infatuation stays hot for quite long and slowly matures into an integral part of life. Part of the regular routine or the soundtrack of life. They may even fade out after a while, but can return after the layoff feeling like an old comfortable shirt. Come to think of it, friends are quite like this also. I remember attending a wedding of a friend where we ran into another friend that we hadn’t been in contact with in over a year. We didn’t even exchange hellos. He just made a comical comment about something going on and had me laughing like we were in the middle of an evening of hanging out. That’s what it’s like.

And while it’s good to have those strong established relationships, interests, and activities, there is something very important about having this type of infatuation in life. It’s something new, something strong, and quite exciting to discover it and where it will lead. To a degree it interjects periodic youthfulness into life. It’s nice to have these intense interests that come along occasionally. I don’t know what life would be like if we only found things interesting and nice.

My most recent infatuation has been with a band introduced to me via unslaked. Apparently Dresden Dolls have been around a while, but this has been my first knowledge of them. After watching a few of their videos on YouTube, I had to get their albums. I’ve been listening to them almost constantly ever since. They are definitely not everyone’s bag of tea, but that’s likely one reason why I like them. Their music is not easy to categorize. If I had to it would fall in a female singer/songwriter category. But one of the things I really enjoy about their lyrics is their often tongue in cheek and provocative while also dark. Or at other times they come across as personal revelations much like you’d read in personal blogs.

The band is the vocals and piano of Amanda Palmer and the drums and occasional guitar of Brian Viglione. Now, I’m more of a piano person than a guitar person. There’s just something about the complexity of the piano that intrigues me. And I find the piano playing by Palmer to be very strong. Viglione is great on the drums and adds great power to the music. The music has a wide range from ballad to loud and angry. Well… enough of me trying to explain it. Here are three videos that are quite representational of their work:

At the moment I’m quite interested in seeing future albums from them or either of them on solo careers. But the question is whether that infatuation/interest will continue.


~ by Frank on February 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Infatuation”

  1. I guess you missed the concert they played in early January? It was really fantastic.

  2. Speaking of blogs…

  3. Sounds a bit like the Pretenders…

  4. RS, I think the hype that precedes every band coming to town is why I heard of them. But just a bit late. Maybe next time.

    BH: Thanks. Interesting stuff.

    Sofy: Kinda. I don’t know much of the Pretenders other than their popular stuff.

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