Super Week

This week in the States they get a double dose of “super”. Tomorrow (later today actually) there is the Superbowl and two days later is Super Duper Tuesday.

Thinking about football yesterday I was reminded of something else that’s called “super”. When I was working on the stadium in Chicago, I learned about a test that they put the systems of the stadium through before opening day. They gather up a rather large crowd of people and dispatch them through the stadium. They have a way to communicate with all of them and they synchronize that they all perform the same task at exactly the same moment. They all flush the toilets and it’s called the “Super Flush”. The purpose of this slightly bizarre event is to simulate that everyone runs for the bathrooms at halftime in order to evacuate those half dozen beers that they drank. Think about it during halftime of the Superbowl.

The second event is Super Duper Tuesday. For those unfamiliar with the primary election process in the US, traditionally a handful of “early” states hold their primaries and caucuses in January. Then the remaining states are allowed to hold theirs. The day when the most of the remaining states held their primaries/caucuses was called “Super Tuesday”. Now almost half the states hold their primaries/caucuses on that day, so now it has been called Super Duper Tuesday.

Again, I am very interested to see what happens. I’m still pulling for Senator Palmer…er… Obama. I kinda liked it in the last debate when they suggested an Obama/Clinton Democratic ticket. It was actually my dream ticket last year with them going up against McCain. Momentum seems to be heading that way, but you never know with these things.

I find it interesting that the two leading Republican candidates, McCain and Romney, are not hardcore conservatives. Yes, they both have strong conservative leanings (or at least their current professed values are), but McCain broke often from the party line and Romney was a liberal governor. Plus the Obama and McCain are both strong with independants. That would make a race between the two of them quite interesting.

So I’ll likely be up late Tuesday night. And even then, with how close both of these races are, the primary season may not even be over at the end of the night.


~ by Frank on February 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “Super Week”

  1. Obama and The Hilliary? No way. Obama and Edwards yes, Obama and Clinton definitely no. If he picked her, he’ll lose the general election.

  2. I very much doubt that the Hilliary wants to a be a lady in waiting to Obama—she’s been lady-in-waiting now she wants to be the recognized ruler. The Hilliary also comes with Billage (that’s Bill baggage). Slick Willie loses votes for the Hilliary everytime he opens his mouth. If Hilliary was the Dem’s presidential candidate and she comes with a built in co-president/vice-president, then what’s in it for Barack Obama? Nothing.

    I don’t Hilliary wanting to ride shotgun or play second fiddle to Barack. And I don’t see Barack looking to be a part of a triumverate, he’d end up the odd man out.

    Yep, I am pretty sure that an Obama-Clinton ticket will drive moderates to vote Republican in a heart beat.

    Just my 2¢ (USD) and I am voting on Tuesday.

  3. I seem to have a lot of opinions today down here below the 49th parallel.

    A Clinton-Obama ticket or an Obama-Clinton ticket wouldn’t work under the Principle of Elephant Eating.
    How does one eat an elephant you ask?
    “One bite at a time,” so the old joke goes.

    The US, imho, is ready for a Black president, or a woman president, but we’re not ready for both at once, at least not the first time around, ergo C/O or O/C tickets would be doomed. The Republicans would win in a landslide under those circumstances.

    My mother and my sister are staunchly feminist–both are completely turned off by Hillary.

    Okay. I think I’m done. Funny, I really haven’t paid that much attention to the races until Iowa.

  4. Yeah, mrne. I see your point. The left would love that ticket, but maybe not the rest of the nation. Though I think you are underestimating what the electorate is capable of. Many of us thought that Bush would not be elected to a second term. As much as we over-estimated that the general public was against the war, maybe you’re over-estimating how much they would be against a black and a woman ticket.

    That said, with the recent rhetoric, it seems it’s all or nothing for Hillary right now. It could be because I’m for Obama, but many of the things she has done has seemed a bit calculated lately.

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