As I mentioned recently quite a few of the photos I’ve taken were published elsewhere. A few of those photos have been republished on an online travel guide called Schmap.. I can’t say that I’ve really checked out the website with any depth. It seems like quite a good idea especially because they have a version that is portable. On the surface it seems a bit clunky and some of their information is incorrect (Ben’s is still listed as open and Cresent Street is located blocks west of Bishop.) But it seems decent if you are visiting a new place.

As for they photos they borrowed, they weren’t some of my better ones so I wasn’t too concerned that they wanted to use them. There is this shot of Ma’am Bolduc in the Plateau:

Biere d'Epinette

This shot of Marché Maisonneuve for the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood:

Marche Maisonneuve

And this shot of the Residence Fountain in Residence Square in Salzburg, Austria:


It kinda reminds me of the Architourist project by my friend John. Though this one allows you to see everything on a map together instead of only being able to search out individual projects.

It seems like a good place to look if you are going to a new place or maybe for ideas at places you know, but it seems like it has a ways to go before meeting the standard of Michelin Green Guides or those Let’s Go books I used travelling through Europe.


~ by Frank on November 12, 2007.

One Response to “Schmap”

  1. Ha. They also used a few of my pictures from flickr, including one of Market St in SF. It shows the famous Hobart building, so I tagged it with the word ‘Hobart’… and they used it for Hobart, Australia. Other tags on the picture include ‘San Francisco’, ‘downtown’ and ‘Market St’, and it’s in a set called ‘San Francisco 2005’ or something — doesn’t reflect too well on Schmap if you ask me.

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