That previous post ended up being much longer than I had intended. I wasn’t going to write as much about the history or how we felt about the layoffs, but as with many posts nowadays it became quite autobiographical.

But after writing it I started thinking. You see I changed the names to protect the innocent. I’ve been wondering what is your mental image of Estella. Was she a tall warm and aloof individual? Or a shorter homely and happy woman? I really didn’t give any specifics about her appearance and even changed one of her major characteristics.

I know it was long, but if you haven’t read it, go take a look and let me know what you feel she looks like. Then come back and I’ll reveal.

As I said in the article, Estella had a major effect on the direction of my life and I’m endebted to her. Which is one reason why I didn’t use their real name in the original article. But who is Estella?

Well appearance-wise, there is one major difference. She is a he. And his name is Bob. He’s not very tall and he’s overweight. He has been described as “pear-shaped”. Plus he’s balding. He also “adjusts” himself often. Not manually. This is done by turning one leg out then dipping the whole body. My old Irish boss used to imitate this while doing a little jig.

That aside, he was very very friendly even if he was slightly nerdy and you could sense a bit of self-consciousness. As I said in the previous post he is great with clients. My friends who are architects think highly of him and continue to work with him. He was also quite interested in new technology and applying it to our work. Plus he organized many office social events. One of the great things about that office was that we had social drink nights often. They were at least once a month and allowed us to kick back and get to know one another. I feel it really went far to creating a good work environment. He initiated most of those gatherings.

So if I made him out as evil in the previous post, it was unintentional. He’s a good person, but may have had some misguided feelings about how the company should function and benefit him.

I’m very interested in what your mental image was of her/him.


~ by Frank on October 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Impressions”

  1. I saw her with dark hair, and angular facial features. Gregarious and wearing a skirt.

  2. I think of a past contestant on The Bachelor who had that name. She was tall, lithe, with black hair. She was also a bit of a free spirit. I thought that made for a funny contrast with the real life person.

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