Comment Catch-up

One thing I’ve always felt I should do is to respond to comments left here by others. Even if it is simply an acknowledgement. As I’ve mentioned before, I like the interaction part of this medium as opposed to it being a soapbox. I haven’t always been good at responding but I’ve tried. But this past month has been quite bad. My usual time slot for blogging has been taken up with other things so I’ve only been posting and not very often at that. I’ve finally found a sliver of time to catch up. In lieu of making you dig back in the archives to find if I had responded, I’m listing all the posts that have been responded to.

As for future blog posts, I still have some in the works but it will likely stay at this pace. Also it seems like the summer slowdown on the blogosphere has continued into the fall. People aren’t posting as often or commenting as much (myself included). And some of my favorites have closed up shop all together (Chorus: “Some of my favorites have closed up shop”). It could be why my interest has shifted toward Flickr though I’ve noticed a slowdown over there also. In any case, I will still be around. There is just too much I’d like to share and discuss.

Here are the posts containing comments that I’ve responded to:

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Upsets and Boo-birds
Civility and Right of Way
Joie de Voyage
The Anglo Bubble
A Last Look Inside
My Journey with Photography
Milkmen and Giants
Lady in Waiting
Watercolor – Peillon, France
Photo Stores in Montréal


~ by Frank on October 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “Comment Catch-up”

  1. Let’s blame Facebook.


    At last YULblog the question wasn’t “What is you blog?”, but “Are you on Facebook?”
    “No, I’m not.” “Well, you’re missing a lot…”

  2. Yes, I agree.

    Admittedly, I do spend time on Facebook and it does take time away from blogging. There are some social interaction elements to it that make it interesting. I think it’s similar to blogging in some ways. It’s thought of as being for teenagers and young adults. But my experience is that older folks have tailored or chosen parts of it that make it interesting for them. A large component of it is reconnecting with old friends (which I have been able to do yet), but another is comparing how you and your friends see things. But I don’t think it can replace what is best about blogs. Talking about things at length. I think it’s just another element.

  3. Hey Frank–

    Hope all is well–have a friend who will be flying in Montreal–he’s looking for insights into the city. He will be contacting you I believe via the blog–Craig Cooper. hopefully, you two will connect….

    Warm regards,

  4. Thanks, Jason. Just have him drop me a line if he’s still interested.

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