Photo Stores in Montréal

Hello everyone. I received an inquiry on my Flickr account asking if I knew of any photo stores in Montréal and places to get deals on lenses. At the moment I only know LL Lozeau up on St-Hubert and Camera Simon down on St-Antoine. I like the former because they seem to have everything and you can browse on your own for the stuff that isn’t too expensive. But I like the latter because it’s like the old photo stores I remember with salespeople who are experts in photography. The place is also in such a semi-ordered disarray. A zillion drawers and shelves of different shapes and configurations holding a multitude of various camera, accessories, and their boxes. Interspersed with assorted pieces of paper displaying valuable lists, prices, or descriptions.

But I digress. Do you know of any other photo stores here in Montréal of the surrounding suburbs? I’d be very interested if there happened to be another place like Camera Simon.

Thanks for your help in advance.


~ by Frank on October 4, 2007.

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  1. By the way, it’s LL Lozeau, not Lauzon. Just in case anyone decides to try to Google or something.

  2. Dumoulin has some decent deal, but it’s more like an electronic store. You better know what you want. It’s just a step over Futureshop.
    A real camerashop that I liked: York , not sure it exists anymore. It was on Ste-Catherine, a but further west than Atwater I think. 1344 STE-CATHERINE WEST.

    I did use Royal Photo (Royal Photo Service 2106 Boul Rosemount, checke this address, not sure it,s their main one, they have several shops, not all carry as much stuff). I know they sell equipment. I never ough anything big. But I really like their prints.

  3. I would add Photo Service Ltée on Notre Dame in the latter category. Competitive pricing, knowledgeable salespeople, and they’ll give you deals if you buy lots of stuff at once.

    I bought two cameras there and was highly satisfied both times.

  4. Thanks, Alston. I had a feeling it didn’t sound right.

    Raoul: I’ll have to check out York and Royal Photo. Especially if I find myself in the market to get more equipment.

    Steve: The picture of their interior looks very interesting. I’ll have to make a visit.

  5. I was going to Mention Photo Service (which some people call “Photo Service 222” because it’s at 222 Notre Dame and there’s a big “222” on the sign). I haven’t been in there in a long time, but back in the day it was a great shop. Sort of old fashioned, but not as much as Simon’s.

    There’s also a shop on rue McGill, but I don’t remember it’s name. It’s on the south-east corner at one of the intersections, possibly St. Paul. It’s a newer store, more consumer oriented, but I think they have some good prices.

  6. Thanks, blork. I only saw Photo Service for the first time last week but wasn’t able to go inside. I actually know of the one you are talking about on McGill I think. When I was itching to get an DSLR I popped in there while walking down the street. He seemed quite helpful and had a good price for the one I was looking at.

  7. I like Camera Simon. The people know what they’re talking about, and they won’t try to sell you something that will not suit the purpose of your photography. I shoot wildlife and nature, mainly birds. I made the biggest mistake by buying my first camera at Future shop. It’s not that the salesperson didn’t know anything about the product she was selling me, she actually was quite knowledgeable about it. However, she knew nothing about photography and that different photographers have different needs. I shoot birds mostly. They are very hard subjects to capture, specially the small ones that move around alot. A lens without IS (Canon) or VR (Nikon)is completely useless for this type of photography. I first bought the Canon xti Rebel kit. It came with 2 lenses. 18-55mm, and 70-300mm, both with only auto focus, but no image stabilization. I returned it because the lenses were a) too slow and b) my photos looked like crap. I got better shots with my canon sd1000 pocket camera. I ended up getting the Nikon D40x (body only, which came with a 18-55), and I bought a 70-300mm AF VR f4.5-5.6. Still a bit too slow for my liking but it still yielded good results. Then came the problem. The D40x is a newer system, so there are not many lenses available for that camera. I can put any lense on, but the auto focus and VR will not work. The only solution for that would be a tripod or monopod, and for shooting small birds that is useless. So I went to Camera Simon, traded in my D40x for a D80. My 300mm works on it and so will any other Nikon lens I decide to get, even an older one or used one.

  8. Yes, I’ve only been to Camera Simon once and I got a really good feeling with them. As you said, they are there to serve your photography needs and are passionate about it themselves. LL Lozeau is also quite good, but admittedly I feel a bit more comfortable in a place rundown and haphazard like Camera Simon instead of bright and shiny like LL Lozeau.

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  10. Very perceptive site and a good post. Thanks!

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