Joie de Voyage

Joie de voyage
Taken in O’Hare International Airport, Terminal 3 in the passage between Concourses H & K.

I actually copied this shot from a fellow Flickrite, Friendly Joe, who I had the pleasure of meeting while in Chicago. I really enjoyed this series of photos he had taken and we found ourselves waiting for our plane a few gates over. So I grabbed our daughter and asked her to look out the window. I was quite happy with how it came out.

I submitted the shot to the Flickr group “Gapers Block” which is administered by the web magazine of the same name. “Gapers Block is a Chicago-centric web publication providing information on news and events around town.” The term “gapers block” is a Chicago term referring to the slow down in traffic caused by cars slowing down to catch a glimpse of an accident. One section of the website is called Rearview and features one of the photos contributed to the Flickr group. This photo was featured earlier this month.

The style of Joe’s photo is created by a technique called TTV (through the viewfinder). It’s a technique that has gained some popularity among Flickrites, but Joe is quite the master of it. He has an excellent series of TTV shots of people while working called the “Work-A-Day” series. So far he’s got quite an interesting group of workers in their element. He also has a hilarious series of shots that he has been taking of his “Earring Magic Ken” doll. He even got kicked out of a grocery store taking this shot.


~ by Frank on September 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “Joie de Voyage”

  1. I’m surprised you haven’t had more photos published by Gapers Block actually, as many of your photos seemingly fit their aesthetic. Perhaps you haven’t submitted many to the group previously.

    I’ve yet to follow your links, but I don’t quite understand the technique of TTV. This photo, whatever its precursor, is really spectacular, and one of my favorites.

  2. Thank you, Seth. I’ve only sent a few shots to Gapers. Partly because I didn’t have many Chicago shots and I figured they were looking for street shots and recent shots. It could also have been timing. Here are the shots I’ve submitted thusfar. This past trip was quite productive so I’ll likely be submitting more shots in the future.

  3. Speaking of, the Chicagoist republished your Chicago/Paris mashup

  4. […] lately. This is the second of three to be featured on other websites recently. The first was this one and I’ll post the other […]

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