Body Double

I had a really odd experience today. I saw someone who had almost an identical body type. We were at Lac Stuckley in Parc Orford when a guy walked out of the lake and up onto the beach. He had a farmers tan just like myself. And unlike many redheads who become a mass of freckles on a white background. He had the same tan/freckle mix that I share. The rest of him was an identical white/pinkish shade. His calves were larger than average, just like me. Though his butt was a bit smaller. And he was younger so he has not yet developed that middle aged midsection which I have currently. But his upper body and arms were almost identical to mine. Built, but undefined. It is above this where we differ. He has a shorter neck and a smaller head. Plus his facial features were different.

I know this must sound quite odd, but I’ve never run into anyone who resembles me. After three and a half decades, it makes for a eerie experience to see someone who could be your twin.


~ by Frank on July 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “Body Double”

  1. I love lac Stuckley! There are some great nature trails out there.

  2. It was our third time out there. It’s a great little family beach that isn’t very crowded. We haven’t been on the trails yet but we were saying as we were leaving how it would be great to come back in the fall.

  3. Ken Jennings is visiting the Eastern Townships?

  4. Although I’m honored that you consider me that smart (in trivia anyhow), I was actually picturing something more like this.

  5. That was funny. I have seen a couple of my “twin” out there.

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