My Window Washer Story

One day I was coming to work. Our office was in a rather ornate seventeen story terra cotta building. I can’t remember why, but I was crossing the street (jaywalking) at mid-block right to the front door of our building. Just after I stepped onto the curb, I noticed a white thing directly in front of the door. It basically looked like a white chinese lantern that was about a foot and a half in diameter. Those ones where you cut slits in the side of a cylinder and squash it down so the center pushes out. And there was water all around it with even some bubbles. Just then I hear a noise from above. I look up to see a man frantically rappelling down the building.

Instantly I put it all together and scurried into the building. You see, the window washer at our building employed the method of sitting on a little wooden platform with the bucket of water hanging off one side. Apparently, mere moments before I stepped onto that curb, this guy had lost his bucket from at least ten stories up. The impact of the bucket to the pavement splinter the sides into ribbons with the top and bottom intact.

That would have been an odd way to go.


~ by Frank on July 9, 2007.

5 Responses to “My Window Washer Story”

  1. Thanks goodness for jaywalking!

  2. *Ahem*, rappelling, also known as abseiling. Not repelling.
    Great fun to do, but also the cause of many, many deaths. I nearly bought it in a thunderstorm a few years ago; there’s nothing like running out of rope and free-falling.
    Regardless, if you want I’ll take you to try it sometime.

  3. zura: actually if I had been a more aggressive jaywalker, my ashes would be floating around Lake Michigan.

    Michel: Oops, sorry. I had planned to look that word up. Rappelling would be fun. Though rock climbing might be more difficult. Although I’m fairly muscular, my fingertips are super soft and I tend to be on the hefty side.

  4. The sound must have been cool. Too bad you also missed that.

  5. Mark: Now that you mention it, I may have heard it, but did not connect it with what happened.

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