Poles and Lights

Street poles
Pix IX in Montréal Nord.


~ by Frank on July 5, 2007.

8 Responses to “Poles and Lights”

  1. Great shot!

  2. Add some gaudy billboards and this could be Taschereau.

  3. Possibly the ugliest blvd in Montreal…

    Ugly shot!

  4. Thanks, Ulka. I do see it as interestingness in urbanity. Though I’m not a fan of those lightposts.

    Michel & Raoul: I have to agree with Raoul. I think this looks worse because of the lightpost cacophony down the center. At least Taschereau is wide open, too wide open.

  5. There is several Tashereau style: early: (elevated) highway with many ‘dodgy’ shops on both sides (Motel, used car dealers, bodyshops, etc.) It is probably the worse and oldest part.

    The further west you go toward Brossard: it gets newer the further west you go. In the end, it’s just a big Mall boulevard like many other. it’s not that ugly I think. The whole thing is ugly (ubanisticaly speaking) though.

    St-Laurent Blvd, north of the Met’ is pretty awfull too.

  6. BTW, did you hear about “closing” Tashereau?

    Apparently, the Tashereau Blvd mall is taking a huge hit due to the new hype Dix30 (or 10-30 or dix-trente). A newer, modern mall, “pedestrian friendly” mall at the corner of highways 10 and 30 (talk about aimed pedestrian customers..). Further south.

    Most big boxes are moving south. There are afraid the Tash is transformed with 1$ stores.

    They won’t close it of course. but they think they have to change it radically. (read: condos on the tash, + trees, etc. ). Anyway, something will really have to be done…

  7. Funny, in my family, we grew up adopting the word “Taschereau” to mean “Man, that’s ass-ugly”. We often frequented Brossard (weekly dance lessons were there) and would have to negotiate the aforementioned boulevard each time. Over the years, we watched it turn into what it is now (shudder), and still to this day we use the word.

    – I saw this new building downtown and it was totally “Taschereau”.
    – Ew!

  8. Sadly, I haven’t had too much of a problem with Taschereau. It’s close (so I save on gas) and I can find almost anything there. It’s that or drive out to the Promenades which is more or less the same thing (except they have a Rona which is Montreal based). I say sad because growing up I abhorred that type of suburban street. But now with my limited time, it’s so convenient.

    On the plus side (if there is one) they have added a sidewalk in places, but if it were possible to have the store front on the street (with pedestrian access) while having the parking in the back, it would be great. But since they want one front door for security reasons, it’ll take some modification of that line of thinking.

    zura: I think my wife mentioned something to that affect also.

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