Prochaine Station… Frontenac

Prochaine Station...Frontenac

If you are a photographer in Montréal, you have likely taken a shot of a moving Metro train. Especially if you take it often, if not daily. I’ve found myself experimenting with a camera down there because… really… what else could you be doing waiting for your ride. It has helped me to learn how to utilize my point-and-shoot camera under low lighting settings. I hope to get some other shots soon, but I’ll likely need a tripod. Luckily, no one has stopped me yet. But I’m usually down there late at night or on weekends.


~ by Frank on June 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “Prochaine Station… Frontenac”

  1. I have to say, Frank, that this is a phenomenal shot.

    You have “the-rule-of-thirds” enviably integrated into your very being! 😉

  2. Really nice shot. Mine always suck, but yes I have a thousand moving train shots, lol.

  3. Thanks, Sadia. It’s funny that I really didn’t notice the thirds until you pointed it out. Like you said, it must be engrained in me now.

    Thanks, tornwordo. This is actually the only decent shot that I’ve taken down there. It’s because I was resting on the rail of the walkway over the tracks. I think you really either need a tripod or to lean the camera against something solid like a wall. Though I’ve got an interesting shot I took on a train as it was rumbling between stations. Very blurry and jumpy, but pretty cool.

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