Survey Says

(Groans)… Another Richard Dawson quote title, but it applies.

So the results are in. Actually not all of them because the survey host site is demanding $75 now that my 10 day trial is up. And I didn’t collect all the info before it shut me out. But I did get over three-quarters of the responses. From what I remember of the later entries, they followed the same tendencies as the earlier ones.

There were 37 respondents which is about how many I thought might respond even though I didn’t think I had more than a dozen regulars. Here are the interesting points:

– There was no consensus on favourite color. I’m glad there are some Holy Grail fans out there. I thought black might be favored, but if anything green was higher than I thought. There was one comment against the blue background of the blog. Black is my favourite, though blue is almost equal in esteem. I would have chosen the black WordPress background, but I wasn’t too hot on it.

– Almost three-quarters of you are in or from Montréal, while almost a quarter are in or from Chicago. I should have known this, but I thought there might be less of a difference between the two. There are a handful of you from elsewhere including a Parisian reader.

– 90% of you visits at least weekly. I found this very encouraging and I’m grateful that it interests you enough to return that often.

– Almost half of you found out about the blog through other people’s blogrolls. For those of you who have this blog listed, I appreciate it.

– There really was very little preference on the length. Slightly on the longer side, but otherwise not really.

– The routes you take to get here are fairly evenly divided between rss feeds, blogrolls, and bookmarks.

– Less than half of the respondants have commented on the blog. This was really a curiosity of mine. I know that there are blogs that I read, but do not comment on. So I wondered how often that happens here. Sitemeter doesn’t really give a sense of lurking regular readers since there is so many hits from random searches.

– Commentors are generally people who have been reading for two years or more. 9 out of 10 as opposed to 4 out of 17.

– Regarding the topics, as an overall group you are less interested in political or religious rants along with my past. I found it odd that you were not interested in my past because I’ve always been interested in other people’s past. I’ve always thought it gives insight into the person and possibly a basis for their views on life. That said, I’m not very comfortable about rambling on about it since it could be conceived as boasting.

– Also as a group, you are very very interested in my observations on life in Montréal. Only 4 out of 27 gave that question a 2. Everyone else gave it a 1. You are also interested in my view on life and the photos.

– Those who have been reading for longer have much less preference over the material. Those who have been reading for two years or more gave an average score of 1.32 as opposed to 1.92 for those who have been reading for less than a year. The long time readers are much more interested in me today, my past, and things I find funny. Those who have started reading over the past year are less interested in my recollections of life in Chicago, but are interested in my views and observations on life. I found that interesting that those of you who presumably know me better and likely know me in real life are interested in me and where I came from. And those of you who know less of me and probably have not met me, are more interested in how I see things. I’d have to say this is the most interesting thing that came out of the analysis of the results.

– One question I’m now wishing I had asked is age. Just to see what the demographic is and how it relates to the different topics. Another question would be whether I have met you in real life, just to see how the preference in topics may differ.

– The bulk of the additional comments suggested to stay the course and write what I want regardless of the survey outcome. Thank you, that’s likely what I’ll do.

– One survey participant turned out to be someone I went to school with. That was a pleasant surprise. Hello, M&K.

– Someone suggested a bottle of wine for every participant. I’d definitely do it if I had more money. Another request was for more crotch shots. My narcissism hasn’t reached that level yet, but you never know in life. Who knew five years ago that I’d be doing this?

So after digesting all of this information, I’ll take some of the preferences to heart, but in general it will continue based on what interests me to write about. One change I will likely make is that I will try to develop posts further that I have occasionally in the past. Not half-baked, but three-quarter baked. I will also make more of an effort to be real. In both blogging and commenting, I’ve gotten into a habit of making smart-aleck remarks. Sometimes that can be witty, other times it’s just adolescent. So post frequency will likely continue to be less often, but with the hope that the quality is better.

Thank you all very much for taking the survey. It was a good barometer for me and something that I had really been wanting to do for some time. Thank you again for reading and I hope it remains interesting for you.


~ by Frank on June 12, 2007.

6 Responses to “Survey Says”

  1. Keep it up! I love reading you.

  2. I responded to your survey—52 year old women from the Treasure Coast of Florida who works in middle management at the local community college. We are fortunate to be able to spend July in Montreal (Carre St. Louis) and I enjoy your reflections on the transition from the states to Canadian life. I come to you through Montreal Weblog—one of several blogs I follow daily covering life/happenings in Montreal.

    I respect how hard it is to post meaningful stuff to a blog as I’m struggling with the courage to begin my own. Keep writing—all sorts of odd folks like myself are reading along!

  3. Thank you, vanou.

    Thank you, Isgen. It’s interesting that a few regular readers have come out. Including the reader in Paris and my former classmates. Sometimes the connectivity of the internet really amazes me. That’s interesting that you come up here to escape the summer heat down there. As you know many people up here do the opposite including my father.

    I have some very good ideas for some upcoming posts. I just need to sit down and flesh them out. Or at least I think they may be good. Thanks for reading.

  4. I am almost exactly 10 years older than you (10 years minus 3 days), and have had the pleasure of meeting you when you were just a baby. And then again and again throughout the course of the past (cough) years. I enjoy reading anything you’d like to post about because I know it will be thoughtful, reasoned and definitely interesting. I try to come by at least once a week, more if I’m able. Keep up the great work!

  5. Good Morning again! We don’t come to escape the heat–quite the opposite—the heat in Montreal in July is worse than Florida. We come for the fireworks if the truth be told. The festivals are entertaining and we enjoy them—but it is those darn fireworks that we plan EVERYTHING around—and love it. 23 days until we arrive!

  6. Thanks again, Cathy, for the kind words of encouragement.

    Isgen: That’s interesting that you find it hotter here. But I completely agree about how much there is to do up here during the summer. The city really comes alive. It’s almost like it gets stored up during the other eight months then is all released when it gets warm. If you think the heat is bad here, you should see it in Chicago or St. Louis. We were there when it was 104 a couple summers ago.

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