As many of you regular readers may have noticed, I’ve finally reduced my post production frequency as I had been promising for some time. Life has caught up and I’m trying my best to strike a balance. While at the same time, I have kinda lost some of my blogging mojo. Partly due to a bout of self consciousness (though that’s more on the comment side). But also because my site visit and comment numbers are down and it has had me wondering if I’m losing reader’s interest. No, I’m not writing for validation or I don’t write to increase my number of readers. But at the same time I don’t write only to see my words up on the internet. I write in order to share and converse. I enjoy reading blogs with interesting content and that have discussions. In much the same way that I enjoy that sort of thing in real life. This medium affords us to do that on our own schedules and with better composed thoughts.

So given my limited time and my desire for content that is of interest to you, I would like you to take a survey like Blork had done over a year ago. In the end, I have no idea if the results will really change the content. I will likely continue to drone about myself and life according to me. And it will likely still be peppered with all the different aspects I’ve written about before. But I may move up posts on different subjects depending on the results. There is quite a backlog of ideas and I have trouble deciding which ones to flesh out.

So I invite you to go ahead and take the 10 question survey I’ve created. It’s not a perfect survey, but it should help answer some questions I’ve had lately. I’ll post the results in two or three weeks unless I reach the 100 response limit before then. Though, that’s unlikely. Thank you in advance for filling it out

[UPDATE – 3 June 2007] Thank you everyone for taking the survey. Looking over the results it has already been quite informative. The free survey is only for 10 days, so next Sunday is the last day. Though I have the impression that almost everyone who reads the blog has already taken it. It’ll likely take me another few days to process all the info, so I’ll have the analysis sooner than I had expected. Thanks again. Frank.


~ by Frank on June 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Why?”

  1. I check the blog a few times per month maybe, might not be the ideal target for your survey but I took it. I do enjoy your writting(s), keep it up.

  2. I’ve filled out the survey, but here’s the thing–I suspect that blog traffic is down across the board, and that it has a lot to do with the weather. Also, I wonder if the locals have been spending some of their blog time on Facebook/Twitter/etc., as post volume seems to be down as well. In any case, there is a lull and I don’t think it’s just you.

  3. Thanks, husk. I’m glad you took it. I’m really looking for the reasons why people are interested in the blog. So since you’re interested, your input is more than welcome.

    Thanks, Vila. I think Sadia mentioned the same thing in a similar conversation. The results have already been quite interesting. I’m wondering if they’ll stay consistant or change with more participants. I’m going to enjoy analyzing the results.

  4. I always check you out–once or twice a week. Good stuff, but I agree with Villa, many people on Facebook/Twitter I suspect.

    Ciao Gino

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