Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge
This is the well known Charles Bridge in Prague. Yes, yet another drab European picture. But this one has really been growing on me. Take a look at it Large on Black. It is only at this large size that you can really see all the elements of the photo. I already really liked the top half with the the statues of the bridge following the vanishing point to the right. And then there are the tops of the buildings vanishing into the distance from right to left.

But it’s been the slices of life in the bottom half that has been piquing my interest. There is the couple looking off the bridge on the right. More in the foreground and slightly to the left of them is a man and woman having a discussion. Behind them is another photographer and a crowd that has gathered for some sort of street act. At the bottom center of the shot is a couple making out followed by another young couple who we cannot determine if they are goth, new wave, or have a slightly hippie bent. Then along the left side of the bridge is a mini parade of elderly people. There’s the tourist in the foreground with his video camera. But the most interesting group is the three behind him deep in discussion each gesturing to make their point.

And all of this is just a glimpse at each little subplot. We don’t know what was being said, not that we would understand if we heard them. Most of them are likely tourists, but from where. How did they get here and why did they come here? Which ones are the artists that setup shop on the bridge? What is the street act being performed? Are the elderly people native or did they come on a bus and are discussing the tour guide? Are the couples here on their honeymoons or are they just crossing the bridge to get home? It would be a good basis for Flicktion. But I’m an observation guy and not very good at making stuff up.

That said, so much can be imagined from this single shot by someone so inclined. All with an interesting skyline as a backdrop.


~ by Frank on May 25, 2007.

5 Responses to “Charles Bridge”

  1. You just need an excuse to explain why you took a photo of all those innocent people.


  2. Actually, if you look in my Flickr photostream, I very very rarely take pictures with people in them. I think it must be from my architectural or photographic training. You are taking a picture of the building or the cityscape. If there are any people in it, it can detract from the focus of the shot. You would likely want to look at the people.

    Plus personnally I just feel it’s like an invasion of privacy. I know I’m reaching here, but it’s how I feel. If a person is included in a shot, there is a permanence to the candid glimpse at that person at that time. They likely don’t know you took the photo of them and you may turn around and parade it in public. You may even make money due to their inclusion in the shot. It’s just a gut feeling about those shots that I would need to get over before I start walking through crowds with a telephoto lens to capture expressions. Heck, I even had trouble putting my own image out in public. But I’m starting to get over it. Conversely, I enjoy looking at portrait photos of other. I don’t know why there is the disparity.

    That said, it could be the reason why I find this shot so interesting. Since it is one of the few I’ve taken with actual people in it. There was no way to take this photo without having people in it. So I took it anyhow.

    Quite a response for a one sentence comment, eh?

  3. I had insiders knowledge, since you discussed this previously on the (now defunkt) photoblog of Beth’s (cassandra pages) husband. I have the same problem, I can’t “steal” people’s images. I must be animistic and thinking I steal their soul.

  4. Wow. You have a good memory.

  5. Hi friend Charles bridge (Karluv most) 😉

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