Sidewalk Riffraff

There has been one thing that has always irked me about some suburban neighborhoods. The lack of sidewalks. You are relegated to either walking in the street in residential neighborhoods or on some trashed roadside grass on commercial strips. It’s such a symbol of communities built around the car. You’re only physical connection to the outside world is a paved road.

Now, I kinda understand the thought behind the fact that suburbia is that middle ground between urban and rural life. With those areas without sidewalks hoping to have a more rural tilt. Plus since everything is so spaced apart, your amount of sidewalk per building/resident is much greater. But I still don’t like it.

Then I came across this article. Residents in Northbrook (a suburb north of Chicago similar to Boucherville near Montréal) are putting up a fight against sidewalks being installed in their neighborhoods. Again, I understand the concern over the cost of installing miles of sidewalk along with the fact that these people moved into that neighborhood because there were no sidewalks. There are people out there who don’t like sidewalks just as there are people who enjoy S&M.

But that wasn’t the impetus for the campaign. It was this:

“There’s strange things happening in the world today, so why would we want to open up that possibility?” he said. “We are connected, we all know each other. The concern is, who knows what you’d be encouraging to come through.”

Are you kidding me! Your concern is that terrorists or other hardened criminals will be enticed to saunter through your neighborhood since you now have sidewalks! Seriously! You need to move farther away from society into a much more inaccessible location because any links you have to the outside world are open invitations for people to do you harm.


~ by Frank on May 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “Sidewalk Riffraff”

  1. That’s beyond stupid — that’s insane!

  2. This reminds me of an item I saw just before the Laval metro stations opened, claiming that some Laval families were unhappy because the metro would bring criminality and tempt their kids with gang activity.

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