Those Eyes

Those Eyes!
Figurines that came with a dollhouse that my daughter received. I’ve been wanting to take this shot since we got them.


~ by Frank on May 9, 2007.

9 Responses to “Those Eyes”

  1. Are they plastic? They are awfully shiny! They almost look like some pilgrim candles my mom has from long, long ago. You could almost write a horror movie about these figurines, they just look like they’re about to morph into something that leaps out at you. yikes. Okay, I either need more coffee or none at all.

  2. Yeah okay, *creepy*!

  3. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

  4. So, is this from the “Children of the Corn” collection, or from the “Jesus School” collection?

  5. Um, “Jesus Camp,” not “Jesus School.” I blame my laptop.

  6. Is it called the Stepford Dollhouse …

    Ciao G

  7. Why am I the only person who finds them, uh, cute?

  8. Wow! Quite a response. Maybe I should stop posting drab Europe shots.

    Cathy: yep, they’re plastic. I told my sister that I’ll leave them on the bedside table the next time she stays over.

    Zura & Martine: I keep them safely locked in a file cabinet.

    Michel: I’d go with that religious Hispanic getaway called Jesus Camp.

    Could be that also, G.

    Caro: That’s because they’ve got you in their power. Run away!

  9. Quite a response because everyone likes creepy doll photos. We were all spooked out by a creepy doll as a child.

    Ciao G

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