Body Worlds in Montréal

As you probably have seen in the news by now, the Body Worlds exhibit of plastified cadavers is coming to the Montéal Science Center in the Old Port this summer starting a week from today.


A few summers back I saw one of the three touring exhibits back in Chicago. It was both a fascinating and a stomach-turning experience at the same time. I’m someone who at times has trouble with seeing our insides, so something like this can made me woozy. But this is definitely something worth overcoming that tendancy. I remember one woman say that she was feeling lightheaded and needed to sit down. Then she went on to say that despite her queasiness she found it all so amazing and as soon as she felt better she wanted to continue.

If you are into science and our human bodies, I have to say this is a must see. These are real human bodies that have been plasitified so they do not decay or deteriorate. If it is like the exhibition that I had seen, they have bodies in various everyday positions with the skin removed so you can see the muscles, organs, and skeleton.

Then they also have various separate parts and organs to display more detail or what happens to your insides under various conditions or diseases. These include what obesity, smoking, and cancer do to you. Or just demonstrating what the nerves in your hand would look like without all the surrounding tissue. I was struck by a full length head-to-toe slice through an obese and a thin person. To see all of the places that body fat resides was quite something.

Unfortunately our time was short so I was not able to linger too much at the exhibit. But there is one scene that will linger with me. Actually, right after the woman I mentioned earlier, I came upon one of the standing figures that had only the skin removed so you could see all of the musculature. I was there studying the muscles and trying to relate how they corresponded to those in my body. Next to me was an 80 year old woman who was also studying figure. Then out of the blue, she reached out her hand and touched the cadaver’s testicles. I was in shock and I was awed by her audacity. I looked around, but everyone was so concentrated on other things that they did not see her. I’m still amazed that she did that.

So I highly recommend that you go and check out this exhibit before it leaves in early September. But of course, don’t touch anything. PLEASE!

In full disclosure, I did some work at the museum in preparation for this exhibit. But my recommendation would be just as strong regardless.


~ by Frank on May 3, 2007.

5 Responses to “Body Worlds in Montréal”

  1. Ha, I was planning on going! I also went in Chicago two years ago, but I’ll be glad to see it again, plus it will be a first for my girlfriend. My most striking memory is the smoker’s lungs — sure made me glad I don’t smoke.

    Those last few weeks have been crazy, but I’ll try and find a minute to catch up and comment on your recent posts.

  2. Where’s Montéal?…

  3. Oops. I’ll change that. Thanks.

  4. Bruno, don’t worry about catching up with posts. I haven’t been posting as much and I’m just getting around to responding to comments.

  5. Very perceptive site and a good post. Thanks!

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