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Projects that my wife and I have worked on made the front page of the daily hand-out paper this week. The new Cirque du Soleil project, Kooza, was officially announced on Wednesday and a project to rearrange the Bonaventure expressway (link in French) was announced on Thursday. It’s quite exhilerating to have something you work on be talked about in the media, at least in a positive or impartial manner. It’s not so fun when it’s a project that many in the community are against for legitimate concerns.

And in even bigger news… the city chosen to be the bid city for the US for the 2016 Olympics is… Chicago! I’ve said it before, but this would be huge. The Columbian Exposition for our day. I still can’t express how excited I am about this and I will be definitely checking out if there is any way that I could be a part of it. But first things first. The city from the pool of international cities won’t be chosen for over two years. So one hurdle completed but a bigger one lies ahead.


~ by Frank on April 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “In the News”

  1. Wait a minute… you’ve been working on the Bonaventure Expressway project? Now I envy you, this is one of the most exciting projects around in my opinion (along with the MUHC).

    As for the Olympics, I was literally waiting for the USOC decision online yesterday. And I am so happy Chicago got it! I still think the plan for the olympic facilities could be made slightly better, but overall I’m sure this city could pull it off like no other. And I’d certainly try and be a part of it if it happened. Now the serious competition seems to be Rio… and we’ll have to wait until 2009 for the final decision!

  2. No, my wife worked on it for a bit last month. I’ve been working on Cirque projects for some time now.

    The more I think about it, Mayor Daley will play a big part in whether they get the games and whether they work. He’ll be 65 soon and you have to wonder and hope that he will be around for the whole process. I’m a big fan of his and I think his heart is really in making the city better.

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