Mr Mom

Due to juggling our weekend between a closed daycare, work deadlines, and a long weekend, I spent the day with the kids today. I’m actually quite proud of what we did today. Not that any of these things are not what we do normally, but it’s interesting to see them all together.

– Washed two loads of laundry
– Washed the dishes
– Straightened up the house multiple times during the day
– Made popsicles by pureeing fruit and adding orange and apple juice
– Played some soccer outside
– The kids didn’t watch any TV
– I watched Oprah
– I watched Dr Phil
– Spent much time playing crawling or rolling around on the floor
– Watched one of the kids give a song and dance show in the living room
– Changed three diapers and successfully treated a bad case of diaper rash
– Prepared and cooked a “pate chalet” (chalet casserole) seen below

Chalet Casserole

And how do you finish off a day like that…

By going into work to prepare for the week ahead.


~ by Frank on April 9, 2007.

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